Sunday, 27 February 2011

From London to the world, creatively

LONDON born and bred, YMC, is something for everyone, at all times it seems.

The label, founded by Jimmy Collins and Fraser Moss is in a way a reflection of the capital it was born in, being stylish, modern and functional, with always a hint to the past.

The label holds no truck with seasonal changes and the release of two new parka jackets, alright they call them summer jackets, but who seriously releases a classically winter jacket in the summer? Well YMC do, and it makes perfect sense to me.

The Mountain Parka, which comes in brown and navy is something to behold, with the hood reminiscent of the Fjall Raven coats of yore, boosting drawstring and a high line. The waistline is also drawstring, both ensuring comfort and warmth when needed, along with a fitted finish if desired.

Two large front pockets frame the bottom of the coat, but it is the button fastening on the front that really make this such a delightful piece.

Three hood button, lined to the right edge of the garments centre, are supported by five large body buttons. I really love this coat, in both colours.

Their blazer, which sports a faint check, in navy is a nice high cut open collar three button single breasted effort, with unusual, but defining high pockets.

The colour and blown out soft navy make the Ivy League look a must, drop in a pair of Dockers or Chinos, and some Bass Weejuns and you are set for summer me thinks.

The current range is, parkas apart, very Gallic in feel, with the Bretton style nautical t-shirt and jumper offering some lovely lines.

the Slub t-shirt is very fitted, sussing the striped design in three contrasting patterns to enhance to fitted look. Very nice idea, that works very well.

The jumper is a more classic design, but two panel tones, striped at the top, with a navy bottom in a round neck the 100 per cent cotton jumper is very nice and the break up in pattern works nicely.

The Selvedge denim are very nice in their washed out cotton look, three button neck style, with breast pocket, sporting a nice white pocket top line is a very lightweight garment, and will make excellent wearing for the summer. funny a summer garment for the sumer, maybe YMC are losing their grip. the grey shirt comes in linen with a small check print finish.

Finally a pair of shorts, which sport the check finish, two side and back pockets, turn up bottom and a button fly are silly smart casual, with a bit of a YMC difference.

You Must Create have, now it;s time you did.