Friday, 4 February 2011

Boxer beat

SO they brought the boxer short to England in 1947 and then blew the doors off in the 1980s with the ultimate 'soft porn' Levi advert, now you can check out Sunspel boxers for yourself.

A classic piece of irony, that the boxers were more famous than the jeans after the advert, it is intriguing to wonder how much the name of Sunspel grew as a result of that sort of exposure? It is a safe bet that it wasn't as much as the classic American denim designer.

So jumping swiftly from the era of Duran Duran and limitless crap pop tunes, to modern day, with five designs of 'under crackers' on offer from Sunspel in four sizes; small to extra large.

These are really created for style and comfort, and what garment needs comfort more than underwear.

The seasonal blue orange stripe provide 100 per cent woven cotton, back panel and elasticated waistband to ensure hold, make these a classic boxer.

The plain blue short is the 'Kamen' short, so you can reinact that scene at your local launderette anytime you fancy, just be aware you may get nicked.

The blue is supported by the white shot, along with red and blue Gingham print shorts, all varying in price.

The stripe short is priced £19.50, with the Gingham coming in at £17.99 and the plain £15.

Coming in the stylish box presentation this is a nice edition to any wardrobe and you 'best friends' may well thank you for taking a bit of extra care of them.