Wednesday, 26 January 2011


HISTORY is on their side and the place in men's fashion of the silk scarf, especially Tootal scarves, sporting style since 1799.

The silk scarf range of this fabulous producer on offer is a simple delight with diamond, Luke Lion, Paisley and polka dot.

The range of colours and the excellent warmth created from the silk of the scarf mean there is a Tootal for your total wardrobe.

Other brands have seen the desire for quality scarves, but the Tootal range, including the microlite which does what it says on the tin keep this essential brit kit out front.

Mainly a monochrome range, there are smatterings of colour break outs such as the Sky (light blue), charcoal, navy and navy cobalt paisley in there.

The classic silk tie was staple wear for the nation's workforce in the 1950, with MoD culture took to this legend. There are countless websites giving hints on 'how to tie your tool'.

The scarf became a staple flyer at northern Soul clubs in the 1970s and 80s and in the RAF during the Second World War and on from there.

So with it place in history sealed, the company who proudly sport the words Made in Britain on their garments or accessories, however you view it, look set to make a new page in their lineage.