Thursday, 13 January 2011

Ren will I see you again?

THE new Renwick trainer from Lacoste really show a maturity from the famous french brand.

The leather blue or grey trainer are set to provide real competition form their more famous German competitors, and the perforated nubuck upper is simply delicious and provides a hint of the 72 Adidas range of trainers from years gone by.

The blue leather detailing and the stylised toe provide durability and strength, along with no lack of class. Boasting a silver croc badge ion the outside of the shoe, the Renwick SPM is a great opening serve for the summer tennis shoe wars that are sure to rage on the high street.

Rocking up with a summer canvas feel the Red Ronne SRM trainer boast a thick sole and are a nice alternative to deck shoes, providing lightweight styling, coming in black and off-white.