Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Perry's proper Parka

ALRIGHT so it's American by recognition or made famous by the US Army at least, and is synonymous with the very English fashion MOD, yes I am talking about the parka.

So it seems somewhat appropriate that that classic Albion clothing manufacturer Fred Perry has launched a new parka and what a classic it is.

No fur lined hood here, this is a parka owing more the Inuit Eskimo traditions o the jacket, with some classic English finishes such as the leather hooded buckle fasten and seven delicious large brown button front with rope draw string hood adjusters.

The water resistant nylon finish does not have the ugly sheen some jackets of this ilk can have and the high neck when buttoned up, gives the Mountain Parka Forest Night a two jacket style look.

The beautiful Forest (deep green) colouring and large leather Perry button are a million miles away form the tennis court stylings of the brand, and attention to details as well as usage, make this a really nice garment throughout. I particularly like the hand warmer pockets high up on the breast, while the classic deep side pockets provide plenty of room for your football program, kendal mint cake or your salmon and trouts of course.