Friday, 28 January 2011

A bit of not so old English

MULTI-PURPOSE clothing is how the Lavenham jacket falls, quality and style, along with durability, but that's been s staple of this classic English label.

Famed for both horse rugs and jackets, Lavenham, founded in 1969, keeps a 'true' in-house aspect to the jackets currently on offer as with all its garments.

This attention to detail and design means jackets like the quilted Yew jackets, available in blue and green which crosses town and country brilliantly well.

The simple quilted design has popper fastening on the front, two large front pockets and a vented waist hem.

The grey version of the jacket has lighter collars and a lighter grey band that runs along the length of the body beneath the buttons, whereas the blue and green have matching collars.

This extra trim although making the grey jacket a softer feel and style, would probably not work as well on the other designs and is wise option to avoid.

The fir charcoal vest with contrasting silver buttons is quilted, but completely different in design and look.

the larger collar lighter grey, gives the jacket a more modern feel, with two large button fastened pockets on the front.

The Ash Oversized shirt, which is a quilted jacket is the stand out garment to my tastes as it reaches further away form the countryside feel.

Coming in blue, with 8 branded button to fasten the front, with a high collar and two front top pockets, this is a cracker.