Thursday, 2 December 2010

John Smedley Spring/Summer 2011 Sneak Peek

A little treat for fans of John Smedley today, as we have a look at some of 2011's styles.  The 'Edgar' (above, left) is a 100% cotton shirt with a Jacquard pattern contrast designer front and is made in England to the usual high standards you would expect from John Smedley. Joining the 'Edgar' is the 'Dominic' which is continuing the trend for horizontal stripes and is available in two colours- coffee/berry (above, right) and silver/'icing' (below, left). These are classic ribbed crew neck designs with the contrast stripe pattern and made from high-quality cotton (100%).

The 'Peregrine' (right) has three-quarter length sleeves and is made in England from 100% cotton too. It is slim fit and features a distinctive Weaver design pattern.

Keep an eye on this blog and we'll update you with all the new 2011 releases as they arrive.