Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sunspel Boxers

Sunspel has been making t-shirts and underwear for 150 years, resulting in a timelessly understated British style. Daniel Craig wore the classic Sunspel '50s-style Riviera Polo combined with Persol handmade sunglasses for an unforgettable look as james Bond in Casino Royale. But it is Sunspel's quality range of boxer shorts we are interested in this time around:

Sunspel is best remembered for introducing boxer shorts to Britain, and since then they have also become well-known for their undershirts, underwear and loungewear all made from high-end fabrics. By using exceptionally soft cottons, such as Long Staple Egyptian Cotton or Sea Island cotton, as well as using uniquely structured fabrics, the Sunspel range contains clothing of unparalleled comfort that is well designed, well constructed and tailored to fit.
In the original laundrette commercial for Levi jeans, Nick Kamen reveals a pair of Sunspel boxer shorts after removing his jeans showing they're clearly an iconic brand.

All Sunspel clothes are carefully handmade with great attention to detail, resulting in elegant and sophisticated luxury clothing. Sunspel has a tradition of innovation, and have experimented with many new styles, fabrics and knitting techniques. The resulting fabrications are a reason for the unique quality of Sunspel clothing.

We have a range of other Sunspel products in stock including, the classic Riviera polo, classic t-shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts.