Thursday, 16 September 2010

Steve McQueen - Limited edition Persol Sunglasses Coming soon

Steve McQueen - Persol Sunglasses

Hear it here first, Stuarts London will be launching an exclusive re-make of the famous Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses this November 2010. The famed 714s have been refined to the exact replica of the one worn in the hit McQueen film Thomas Crown Affair. 3 Styles will be released, Black with grey polar lens, Classic havana with brown lens and the Light havana with the blue lens.

Each pair will come in a leather case marked with the Persol logo followed by the Steve McQueen signature name. Also every pair will have Steve McQueen signature emblazed inside of the temple arm of the frame. This a one off chance to get these sunnies as Persol will not remake this collectors edition again. The original pair as worn in Thomas Crown Affair by Steve McQueen sold for a record $36,000 dollars.


* The Re-issue PO 714 will see the return of the blue lens - The Favourite of Steve McQueen
* The temple folding closure now will fold from the outside in rather than top to bottom
* The Supreme Arrow, Persol distinctive mark will be the function element enclosing the hinges.

To check out the current persol collection we have in stock Click Here

Due for delivery this November 2010.