Friday, 24 September 2010

Introducing: Lavenham Jackets

Lavenham are an English manufacturer of superior quality country clothing, horse-rugs and accessories. The Lavenham brand was originally founded in 1969 and made the first nylon quilted horse rugs, before going on to produce matching quilted jackets and waistcoats for the discerning rider and country-phile.

Lavenham pride themselves on the quality and durability or their rugs, jackets and waistcoats that have taken the brand so far. Lavenham have created a solid grounding, which have allowed them to then set about venturing into a more fashion-forward direction that sets Lavenham apart from the competition.

The high-quality jackets shown here show Lavenham's tradition of basing everything in-house, from the quilting to final inspection, Lavenham's quality control team oversee every stage of production meticulously. This control ensures a fluency and consistency in the design and delivery of the product. Lavenham is proud of its traditional English designs and methods of manufacture, and source and use the best British materials, wherever possible, to make Lavenham products truly British.

The Lavenham Heritage Collection is a classic range of jackets and waistcoats.
These versatile products are lightweight, but warm. The nylons have a Teflon coating, giving the jackets shower and stain resistant properties. The tweeds are woven in Scotland and are traditional Donegal designs. The polyesters give a softer and more moulded feel.

There is nothing about these jackets that doesn't make you think of the British countryside and it is clear why this range is now used for almost all country pursuits.