Thursday, 30 September 2010

Get your Garb on at Stuarts

Garbstore draws its influence from what they call unfamiliar vintage; Creating familiar garments, instead of outlandish pieces that have one foot in the past and one in the future, with a nod to a few other inspirations along the way.  Pieces have been re-imagined and made historically new.

Garbstore was created by Ian Paley who was the original founder and former designer of One True Saxon, a senior designer at Paul Smith Jeans, and a designer at Thomas Burberry and Levis Strauss before starting up Garbstore in 2007. The name Garbstore is a portmanteau using garb- meaning clothing or dress of a distinctive style, showing the brand commitment to the unfamiliar vintage theme.

The Garbstore collections create a look for the modern male that retains a vintage edge that is free from cultural references. The collections show a passion for casual clothing, and a reflection of the founders interest in high-quality, classic clothing and using dead stock as the reference point to create excellent reproductions of genuine vintage clothing.