Monday, 27 September 2010

225 Years of John Smedley

With 225 years of experience in manufacturing fine and lightweight knitwear it is no wonder John Smedley products are highly regarded around the world. From their origins at the birth of the Industrial Revolution- established just 13 years after the first water-powered spinning mill was developed- in the small industrial town of Lea Mills in Derbyshire, John Smedley has now become popular as far away as Japan (こんにちは!).
A British luxury brand, John Smedley use only materials of the very best quality which shows in every single stitch, seam and touch of fabric. One only has to wear a John Smedley knitted style to be hooked forever as nothing else will compare!
The fine attention to detail keeps John Smedley at the forefront of the fashion market; At John Smedley they are committed to producing garments of the highest quality and continue to move forward with the fashion market by releasing new innovative designs every season.
John Smedley Men’s Knitwear sets a new level in luxury. Each garment is hand crafted at the Smedley mill in England, ensuring the upmost care and attention goes into every single piece. Over 30 careful hand processes are expertly carried out to create each beautiful piece of men’s knitwear. John Smedley only use the finest ingredients of New Zealand Merino Wool, and John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton, which resonates throughout the incredibly soft, comfortable fit.

Stuarts London are an official John Smedley stockist, so why not check out the range today.