Monday, 16 August 2010

Jeffery-West Hand-Finished Shoes: A touch of Class, with a twist of Individuality

Jeffery West Shoes, in stock at Stuarts London

From Northampton, the traditional home of British leather and shoemaking, come Jeffery-West- a manufacturer that combines the traditional craftsmanship and quality of shoes manufactured in Northampton factories that have hundreds of years of experience and pedigree with an elegance, flamboyance and imagination that can often be lacking in men’s shoes.  Built to last, with a level of luxury and comfort that is expected from a quality British shoe, Jeffrey-West shoes’ distinct style with the signature cleft heel and diamond broguing exhibits both a touch of class and a dash of roguishness and a twist of individuality. Each Jeffery-West style has its own original twist, from the heel and the broguing, to the traditional hand-burnished uppers and influences from gothic architecture and modern art.  This individuality is accentuated further by every shoe being hand-finished. The Jeffery-West brand is a testament to the old adage that style never goes out of fashion.

Jeffery-West Sedel Ve Shoes

We have recently added some new styles to our website, but act quickly as we don’t expect these to hang around for long.

Stuarts London is an official stockist for Jeffery-West shoes, and our range can be found here.