Thursday, 12 August 2010

Clock this one

CUCKOO clocks, watches and fine milk chocolate, oh and an intolerance to lateness.

Well I am not sure about the last bit, but I am sure that the Swiss do the previous three well, along with army knives.

But that’s not all, with the word famous purveyor of all, but the chocolate and clocks, is releasing another season of clothing designs, Victorinox, a word that has all English tongues pronouncing the X, without fail.

A history of 125 years generally means you have been doing something right and this Swiss gem has worked tirelessly to hone all its natural talents of reliability, inventiveness, functionality and quality. From its home in Ibach, Canton, Switzerland, via New York, the range provides something for the high street, mountain side or wherever you decide to don this top smutter to be honest.

Using cloths and designs from Europe and Japan, the line is perfect for town and country, sporting the classic cross logo the range promises to be something to prize out of the shops and load up in your wardrobe.

And look I managed to complete this piece without mentioning the sale of dodgy paintings and using the term ‘cutting edge’ what a clever boy.

Now time to wait for the new range to drop into the shop …..

Tick follows tock, follows tick …