Friday, 16 July 2010

Top it out wIith Brady Bag's

AS The Chairman of the Board once sang ‘pack up and fly away’ and it’s that time of year again to purchase a new bag to pack your holiday clothes in and bugger off to the sun.

Well, like a pet, bags aren’t just for the summer, th

ey are for use throughout the year and Brady bags, pure classic English craftsmanship, provide something for every occasion.

For the boy about town or just the man on the go there is the Magellan bag, this back-pack style bag. A square ‘day’ bag, which is leather bound, with reinforced bottom corners.

The water-proof canvas finish is stunning, understated, but superbly finished off with brass straps and fittings.

In a similar style, the MacLaren bag is also a shoulder bag, but rectangular in shape it has two leather straps, with a reinforced leather base panel for extra durability, while the shoulder strap allows the bag to be carried across the body, or off the shoulders, again in a canvas finish, this bag is a gem.

But it’s not all about holidays, it’s about year round style and the Monmouth bag in black with a canvas finish and two-pocket front and leather detachable shoulder strap provides style and practicality for the office, street and anywhere else for that matter.

But if you want to bid au revoir to holiday bags and really prove you’ve got the style to carry it off round town, then the Windsor leather dispatch style briefcase is the bag of choice.

This bag, which features gull leather flap covering the front, which opens to reveal a large spacious front pocket, with holders for mobile phones, along with a large zipper running across the top.

The water-proof canvas, triple layered makes it a bag for all-weathers, and a stand out piece in any collection.

So if you are gone fly away or just look fly, sorry that was bad, then Brady bags are a bit of English class your summer could do with.