Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sock and roll

CLASSICS are, well true classics, are a rare beast, but in North Carolina, well Greensboro to be precise one was born.

And Burlington socks, the socks that in many ways defined a look, the Argyle sock stand out in memory.

Originally founded in 1923, the socks are back again this summer providing style, comfort and undoubted quality.

More than 20 ranges, styles and finishes are available, ranging form the Universal cotton sock, which provides superb one colour plain style, and classed as ‘The Bentley of the socks world’. The 98% cotton, 2% Elastane socks is simply class. Coming in four different colours the sock is a great way to kick off the latest ranges, with the Extra socks range, sporting the classic Argyle knit holding the bulk of the range, complete with the symbolic Burlington button.

This of course is the original Burlington and, made from the finest yarn, adds s touch of style, guile and precision, plus history to any wardrobe.

I, as I suppose many of you do, have our own Burlington section in our sock draw.

Long may that continue.