Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Adidas Originals Bags

Adidas Originals Bags - Retro Style


Last season we could have bought more and ran out within weeks of up loading to the website. As a result, this season we have stocked right up to make sure no one misses out on these fantastic vintage Adidas bags. Available in a range of new colours and different sizes to suit any casual occasion. The non leather shell makes them perfect to wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking new at all times. The leather look fabric is proven and tested in wet weather condition and give good protection to your essentials.They all come with a shoulder strap, making it easier to carry.

Sports bags for men was always a must have on the way to the gym back in the 80s, it was the only time when a man actually thought about what type of bag he needed. The tesco bag was not impressive and a bit of a turn off when flexing your bi-ceps to impress the lady friend working at the gym. Adidas has always been a popular choice of sport bag. The vintage Adidas Originals Holdall was the perfect solution and available to match up with any 80s casual Adidas tracksuits.


Technology has evolved faster than the human needs and no to mention the pockets on a jacket. Thus the Man Bag finally seperates itself from the gym and onto the streets. The need to carry your iphone , mp3 player or portable video players makes it impossible to walk around in the hot heat or cool autumn with a jacket on just to accomodate the ever growing need to carry all our tech gear. Even then the pockets get so weighed down or the fear of leaving a £50 jacket around loaded with over £500 quid of gadgets seems a bit scary.

Man Bags are the answer. At Stuarts London the Adidas Original Bags have become a hit overnight. Introducing three sizes from the Adi colour Sir bags in a tidy Small size with a zip pocket on the front and main zip for the bag to the Adidas Originals Adic Holdall. The neat hold all is a practical overnight bag or gym bag. Lastly there is a medium size bag known as the Adidas Originals Airline bag. The Airline bag is an iconic retro style from the 70s. This is about retro as a bag can get when we think of Adidas bags as an option.

Click here to check out the latest collection of Adidas Bags we have just uploaded to our website for you.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Top it out wIith Brady Bag's

AS The Chairman of the Board once sang ‘pack up and fly away’ and it’s that time of year again to purchase a new bag to pack your holiday clothes in and bugger off to the sun.

Well, like a pet, bags aren’t just for the summer, th

ey are for use throughout the year and Brady bags, pure classic English craftsmanship, provide something for every occasion.

For the boy about town or just the man on the go there is the Magellan bag, this back-pack style bag. A square ‘day’ bag, which is leather bound, with reinforced bottom corners.

The water-proof canvas finish is stunning, understated, but superbly finished off with brass straps and fittings.

In a similar style, the MacLaren bag is also a shoulder bag, but rectangular in shape it has two leather straps, with a reinforced leather base panel for extra durability, while the shoulder strap allows the bag to be carried across the body, or off the shoulders, again in a canvas finish, this bag is a gem.

But it’s not all about holidays, it’s about year round style and the Monmouth bag in black with a canvas finish and two-pocket front and leather detachable shoulder strap provides style and practicality for the office, street and anywhere else for that matter.

But if you want to bid au revoir to holiday bags and really prove you’ve got the style to carry it off round town, then the Windsor leather dispatch style briefcase is the bag of choice.

This bag, which features gull leather flap covering the front, which opens to reveal a large spacious front pocket, with holders for mobile phones, along with a large zipper running across the top.

The water-proof canvas, triple layered makes it a bag for all-weathers, and a stand out piece in any collection.

So if you are gone fly away or just look fly, sorry that was bad, then Brady bags are a bit of English class your summer could do with.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Holy Moses

HE took the lead and now you can with the rerelease of the classic Ed Moses Diadora trainer.

The track shoe, which comes in three colour types, is the first generation re-make of this classic shoe, but for some strange reason the Italian manufacturers have named the trainers The Queen-70 on the side of the box?

The trainer, which was sported by the American track and field legend who shone at the 1976 and 1984 Olympics, comes in green with the iconic strip in red, a pure grey trainer, plus white, with a red logo.

They are a great way to kick off the summer, and as with the athlete, they won’t be around for long.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Clarks Originals x Stussy Collab

Clarks have exclusively collaborated with Stussy to make the ultimate Wallabee Boot the triple XXX. Due this August. Stussy will be celebrating their 30th birthday with the launch of this Clarks Original boot. Only 2000 pairs are being produced for world wide distribution, and just 200 have been allocated to the UK. Very select stores have been hand picked by Stussy and Clarks to keep these boots. Stuarts London is proud to announce we are one of the few select stockist.

When Clarks was approached by Stussy to make the shoes for them, here below are some the question that were answered:

1) Our question 1: Why they choose Wallabee

STUSSY answer: The Wallabee is a piece of staple gear. A must have.

2) Our question 2: Why they choose this color, material?

STUSSY answer: Tan suede is the classic look, of course. But we wanted to update with more technical materials & keep within the standards we established for the 30th Anniversary. Codoura, ballistic nylons, leather are call outs throughout Stussy 30th projects.

3) Our question 3: Any link with Stussy 30 years anniversary?

STUSSY answer: Aside from the fabrics link, the 30th color palette is conveyed.

Keep an eye out for these boots as stock will not last. Delivery due for August 2010

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sock and roll

CLASSICS are, well true classics, are a rare beast, but in North Carolina, well Greensboro to be precise one was born.

And Burlington socks, the socks that in many ways defined a look, the Argyle sock stand out in memory.

Originally founded in 1923, the socks are back again this summer providing style, comfort and undoubted quality.

More than 20 ranges, styles and finishes are available, ranging form the Universal cotton sock, which provides superb one colour plain style, and classed as ‘The Bentley of the socks world’. The 98% cotton, 2% Elastane socks is simply class. Coming in four different colours the sock is a great way to kick off the latest ranges, with the Extra socks range, sporting the classic Argyle knit holding the bulk of the range, complete with the symbolic Burlington button.

This of course is the original Burlington and, made from the finest yarn, adds s touch of style, guile and precision, plus history to any wardrobe.

I, as I suppose many of you do, have our own Burlington section in our sock draw.

Long may that continue.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Puma Dallas - Very rare re-issue from the 1980s

Dallas from Puma Archive

July 1st, 2010

Puma has reissued the godfather of their heritage, the Puma Dallas, original in suede blue with silver puma striped sides.

Puma says ” the almost mythical shoe re-issued from the early 80s. Those that were lucky enough to find a pair wore them with pride on the terraces”

Rare release and limited stock…, very limited

picture taken at the shop as we opened the box, first pair sold. :)