Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Summer style

IT’S the perfect garment for the British summer, and it also looks pretty tasty too.

What is it I hear you saying, well it’s Mr Gallagher’s Pretty Green Monkey Jacket and it is rightfully making a name for itself among those in the summer know.

The lightweight sports jacket comes in a range of colour combinations and has a superb retro style, which is topped off by Pretty Green engraved buttons, hem, collar and cuff adjusters and is usefully shower resistant.

Similar to the Penguin sports jackets, the PG jacket is stand out product on the classy range, due in no small part to its iconic style.

It comes in sky, olive, red, white, my particular favourite, and the very Hendrix like purple with green trim and to be honest fits the smart, casual or just chilled look superbly.

One for the wardrobe, well actually one for everyday of the summer, you even get a natty gift bag with the red jacket as well.

Our friends in the North are really spoiling us.