Saturday, 26 June 2010

Use your Swede

SOME say 1968 was the summer of hate, rolling as it did after the summer of love the previous term, but for the Mod skinhead fashion of today it was the start of a life less ordinary.

The year Swedish designer Mikkel Rude, the surname is almost too good to believe, came into the world and slowly the road to Mod and Skin fashion was to be followed by the shaven headed designer.

Having spent most of his early years following the two-tone stylings of sta-press and gingham/checked shirts, Rude is now at the forefront of the fashion, his shorts are a touchstone for many who follow the code and since the launch of his first range in the early 90s, Rude has gone from strength to strength.

Aiming for the ‘British clean-cut look’, Rude has a range of shirts that will cut a dash whatever your views this summer and on throughout the year.

In a life reflecting fashion way, Rude is the perfect coat hanger for his own clothes having lived and breathed the fashion since his formative years.

And with major celebs such as Brad Pitt doning the Swedes clothes, it proves that the style and look appeals across a broad spectrum, but then again it always has.

Using superb styling in the square check look, his button down collar short sleeved navy and red pane check is something to behold. Cool, yet ballsy, the shirt with its pointed collar tips a nod at Italian design, with the double button detail.

The gingham shirts, short sleeved in typical skinhead fashion, also sport a natty double check line along the front of the shirt, which stands out in subtle clarity.

Button sleeves, plus a slim fit mean that a cardigan placed over the top, for example Penguin or Gabicci will keep the look going in trim style as before the forefathers of the look.

Treading the line between those in the know underground and every day classic design Rude enables the wearer to slip on a Harrington say from Baracuta the G4 slim fit or a Fred Perry Laurel for example and a pair of loafers, spin a pair of Loake 1880 Brighton’s or Sebago penny loafers, or try a pair of the stunning Grenson brrogues and you are, along with pair of light pants, for example the new tight cut Farah’s, more of those later, and you are away, standing out, while keeping hidden.

Funny, I thought the only thing that came from Sweden was the hardcore porn my brother used to hide under his bed and all blonde treacles I met on holiday.

Oh what Rude boy!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Il Bussetto - Wallets, Coin cases, I phone covers,

Stuarts London team has been on trip around the globe again searching for some great new brands with loads of heritage or a unique selling point to be part of our strict portfolio of brands. With more info on our find next month after the trade shows, one to talk about and the one the hit the accessories cabinet in the store is Il Busseto. It's one of those gen companies that been around for ages, and ages only yet to be discovered... a bit like us really.

The company based in Italy has been hand making exclusive leather cases of all types. From IPhone cases to little unique coin cases. The colourful collection really caught our eye at one trade show, and it was something we though our customers would just love too. Being made from only the best leathers, and constructed to a clean rich look and feel. The vegetable tanned leather outer adds to the product's appeal. Being a Eco friendly leather case and not made from mass produced chemicals is further reinforced with a certificate included with each case. Every product is shipped with its own carry case.

Here is what the company has to say about their products:

"Our products are made with both respect to man and environment. The secrets of the vegetable extracts used in the tanning produces a slow and natural process which maintains the original properties of the leather. the unique characteristics of softness, warmth and resistance are assured over the course of time. In the antique heart of Tuscany, between Pisa and Florence, the tanners, loyal to this centuries old tradition, combine artisan craft with technological innovation. Il Bussetto is always in harmony with nature for a better quality of life."

click the link above to view the collection now.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Summer style

IT’S the perfect garment for the British summer, and it also looks pretty tasty too.

What is it I hear you saying, well it’s Mr Gallagher’s Pretty Green Monkey Jacket and it is rightfully making a name for itself among those in the summer know.

The lightweight sports jacket comes in a range of colour combinations and has a superb retro style, which is topped off by Pretty Green engraved buttons, hem, collar and cuff adjusters and is usefully shower resistant.

Similar to the Penguin sports jackets, the PG jacket is stand out product on the classy range, due in no small part to its iconic style.

It comes in sky, olive, red, white, my particular favourite, and the very Hendrix like purple with green trim and to be honest fits the smart, casual or just chilled look superbly.

One for the wardrobe, well actually one for everyday of the summer, you even get a natty gift bag with the red jacket as well.

Our friends in the North are really spoiling us.

Italian job

SOMETIMES art really does image life and so it is with the latest Sergio release, the Star tracksuit top.

The red top with white piping and Tacchini badge emblazed on the chest is the perfect combination of Italian styling and English red and white, mirroring the England kit.

Specifically released for the World Cup, mirrors the England squad itself, led by a stylish Italian expert with a squad of true English passion.

The jacket is classic Sergio, with the white trim around the top of the zip up collar adding a nice touch.

Classed as Post Box red, what other type?

The top is 100% polyester and surely the classiest way to show your support this summer.

Monday, 7 June 2010

World Cup Fever - 1966 - Replica Football - Father's Day Gift Idea

Slazenger Vintage has release or we should say " re-released" the 1966 world cup football in it's original format.

It would make a great gift idea for the Dad's on Sunday 20th celebrating Father's Day.

100% Leather and only priced at an appropriate £19.66

Limited Edition

Available at