Thursday, 6 May 2010

Training for war

FRANKIE goes to Hollywood had Two Tribes, but long before that, two brothers went to war and created training shoe legend.

Adolf Dassler and his brother Rudolf ran a trainer making company, starting out in 1924, Dassler shoes.

They proved a success in the 1948 Olympics and then Rodulf decided to branch out on his own and started Puma, thus instigating a trainer war which has raged ever since.

Two heads are better than one and that has proved absolutely true as the pair invented trainer classic after trainer classic.

That war still rages in stylish, in the know clothes shop and has found a new battle with the arrival of Originals ZX 8000 and the GS white metallic Original tennis shoe.

As Bex says in Nick Love’s The Firm; ‘There is only one trainer.’ as he dons a pair of Adidas Muncheons, the German manufacturer has taken it’s ZX running shoe range a step further with the 8000, which brings back the Torsion system.

Sporting a leather and mesh design and some bright reflective colours, in white and orange/pink, while they also come in a pastel blue finish as well.

Making a return to the tennis court, the GS range, in gold and white, boasts a fabulous gold Adidas heal badge and of course the legendary heel peg system, complete with plastic hammer.

This classic trainer smacks of the Forest Hill and Centre Court and is a luxurious leather beauty, with the perforated nose front.

Not to be outdone Rudolf’s lot, Puma, have released the well Top, Top Winner trainer leather nubuck multi-purpose trainer.

The orange gum soled trainer, which come in white, with a black Puma arch, these are superb trainers for all day usage and provide a good reposté to the Adidas shoes.

Available with a red arch, the Puma fight back is also boosted by the sublime Cabana Insignia trainer in blue and white.

The lightweight canvas and suede trainer first hit the street in 1981 and provides style and usage in one natty shoe.

At least this is one war that nobody is losing out in.