Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Paraboot -

Not a another shoe salesman......was what we had thought when this tall thin man walked into the shop carrying a bag. Once the bag was opened we knew straight away we wanted to be the stockist of these beauties. Not many brands out there that excite us, but when we see quality rather than just some cheap brand cashing in on their name we do genuinely get excited.

Paraboot is an Vintage brand from France and have been making shoes since 1908. The company has re-visited their archives and relaunched a couple of classic designs, for the modern walker looking for premium quality shoes.

Often in the shop we were asked " how good are these for walking in?" or "Are they durable because I walk allot?" in the past I didn't like to give a full on answer, as everyone is different in the way they walk and no shoes last the same for different people.

Finally I have found an answer to the question - "paraboot" a comfortable style that doesn't need breaking in, and will last as far as you can walk.

Check out the style we have had in, there are three to choose from.

The origins of Richard -Pontvert go back to the beginning of the 20th Century, in a small workshop in Izeaux in the Isere region of France. Remy Richard-Pontvert, who named the company, returns from a visit to the USA in 1926 with "overboots"- rubber covers that Americans used to protect their shoes in rainy weather. This gave him the idea to commercialise the rubber soled shoe using the latex being imported directly from the port of Para, in Brazil. He pioneered his own formula for the composition of the rubber, thus the brand "Paraboot" was born.

"The Paraboot" is one of the legendary products forever associated with France, alongside Vuarent spectacles, cartier rings, leRouge baiser, Lacoste shirts, Louis Vuitton luggage.....