Sunday, 16 May 2010

THE Mac is back, exclusively

IT was a summer of icons, the late great Sir Bobby Moore, looking and playing like a titan, the dancing Nobby Styles, the tearful Charlton brothers, but the man in the middle who exuded class under pressure walking around the touchline in his classic rain mac was Sir Alf.

The Ramsey look of guile, classic cuts and that BBC English voice was optimised in the beige mac he donned as the country stormed to World Cup glory as the year 1966 became forever etched on the psyche.

Well as the country prepares to go into full World Cup mode this summer, the Mac is definitely back.

Baracuta, the classic creator of the symbolic British coat including the iconic Harrington, has re-released the rain mac in limited number, sporting a fantastic red and black gingham check lining.

The covered button, two pocket mac is part of an English lineage that has spanned the world seeing stars such as Steve McQueen (Thomas Crown Affair) and more recently Liam Gallagher and the new James Bond Daniel Craig to name a few, don the legendary manufacturers clothes since its inception in 1937.

So for your chance to step out in classic World cup style keep your eyes open this week, because the mac will land exclusively at Stuarts London before a ball has been kicked in South Africa.

Kick off in style.