Saturday, 29 May 2010

In good Nick. Exclusive Nick Love interview.

Colonel: Your film’s have always been style and fashion conscious. What are you working on at the moment and are your new projects still relating to style and fashion.

If so in what ways?

Love:. I’m working on The Sweeney at the moment. It’s a contemporary story so no Fila sadly - But Regan and Carters wardrobe will be shit hot. I’m seeing Regan as a Ralph Lauren man, maybe a bit of Gant as well. Smart casual.

Colonel: Can you tell us anything about the movie?

Love. It’s a big action movie. Bank robberies and car chases. And at heart a buddy movie between Regan and Carter.

Colonel: You became a sort of touchstone for the Casual revival with The Business and then latterly The Firm. How much of these films were a rerun of your youth or an ode to your youth?

Love. The Firm was far more personal than The Business. The Business was what I wished was my youth! I was very much Dom in The Firm, which was why I chose to tell the story from his point of view.

Colonel: What was your favourite Casual garment?

Love. Terrinda and Borg Elites.

Colonel: In The Firm Paul Anderson, doning a pair of Adidas Muncheons, says: ‘There really is only one trainer’. What is your favourite brand of ‘trotters?’

Love. See above. Borg elites.

Colonel: Of the current revival Casual clothes, what appeals to you the most?

Love. It’s good it see it all, but it has to be a good copy for me to be interested. Fila have got it right, by doing good stitch for stitch copies from original patterns.

Colonel: You have an almost computer like knowledge of the Casual era and the styles of that time. Looking at the documentary from The Firm, you are credited with helping out the set designers, after spying a wrong pair of trainers and so on. How important to you is this era?

Love. I was a teenager at the time the film was set so my memories were very vivid. I like to think I’d never make a film in which the detail, and by that I mean mostly the clothes, were not specific to an era or a culture. I know how much it meant to me to watch films and see things I could identify with.

Colonel: Your footage from The Firm became used by the police as part of the West Ham/Millwall clashes recently! Is this the perfect compliment for a director?

Love. Very much so. I was flattered.

Colonel: What shops do you remember most during the Casual period from across the UK?

Love. Lilywhites, Nick Nacks, Olympus, Stuarts, and L’uomo on the Old Kent Road.

Colonel: How important are clothes and is fashion to you in your general day-to-day life?

Love: Very. I’m a clothes nut – always will be.

Q: What designs and labels do you sport yourself, and what has caught your eye recently? (not just Casual stuff).

Ans. I’m 40 now and have stopped trying to look like a young man. These days I wear older Italian gear and classic Ralph Lauren. Loro Piana and Brunello Cucenelli are my current favourites.

Colonel: Where do you see men’s fashion at present, does it excite you?

Love. I don’t really follow any fashion – I just do my own thing - I’m not mad not on clothes that come in and out of fashion.

Colonel: Of all the actors in your films, which one has been the most style conscious?

Love: Paul Anderson who plays Bex in The Firm. He’s a reme dresser – very natural style without trying too hard.

Colonel: You work with Vertigo Films and have done from the off. How important is this relationship to your working life?

Love: Vertigo is partly my company so it makes sense that I do everything through them! Having support from my producers is priceless.

Colonel: Do they all think you are fashion mad nutter?

Love: Very much so.

Colonel: American cinema is currently flogging any remakes it can muster. Who do you admire in US film? And if you could remake a film, what would be your dream remake?

Love: I’m not interested in Hollywood, never have been. Sweeney is my ultimate film although it’s not technically a remake as I made the story of the film up – but it does of course have Regan and Carter in it.

Colonel: What film do you consider to be untouchable, as far as remakes are concerned?

Love: Godfather.

Top director, top dresser, top man, thanks Nick, Colonel.