Saturday, 29 May 2010

In good Nick. Exclusive Nick Love interview.

Colonel: Your film’s have always been style and fashion conscious. What are you working on at the moment and are your new projects still relating to style and fashion.

If so in what ways?

Love:. I’m working on The Sweeney at the moment. It’s a contemporary story so no Fila sadly - But Regan and Carters wardrobe will be shit hot. I’m seeing Regan as a Ralph Lauren man, maybe a bit of Gant as well. Smart casual.

Colonel: Can you tell us anything about the movie?

Love. It’s a big action movie. Bank robberies and car chases. And at heart a buddy movie between Regan and Carter.

Colonel: You became a sort of touchstone for the Casual revival with The Business and then latterly The Firm. How much of these films were a rerun of your youth or an ode to your youth?

Love. The Firm was far more personal than The Business. The Business was what I wished was my youth! I was very much Dom in The Firm, which was why I chose to tell the story from his point of view.

Colonel: What was your favourite Casual garment?

Love. Terrinda and Borg Elites.

Colonel: In The Firm Paul Anderson, doning a pair of Adidas Muncheons, says: ‘There really is only one trainer’. What is your favourite brand of ‘trotters?’

Love. See above. Borg elites.

Colonel: Of the current revival Casual clothes, what appeals to you the most?

Love. It’s good it see it all, but it has to be a good copy for me to be interested. Fila have got it right, by doing good stitch for stitch copies from original patterns.

Colonel: You have an almost computer like knowledge of the Casual era and the styles of that time. Looking at the documentary from The Firm, you are credited with helping out the set designers, after spying a wrong pair of trainers and so on. How important to you is this era?

Love. I was a teenager at the time the film was set so my memories were very vivid. I like to think I’d never make a film in which the detail, and by that I mean mostly the clothes, were not specific to an era or a culture. I know how much it meant to me to watch films and see things I could identify with.

Colonel: Your footage from The Firm became used by the police as part of the West Ham/Millwall clashes recently! Is this the perfect compliment for a director?

Love. Very much so. I was flattered.

Colonel: What shops do you remember most during the Casual period from across the UK?

Love. Lilywhites, Nick Nacks, Olympus, Stuarts, and L’uomo on the Old Kent Road.

Colonel: How important are clothes and is fashion to you in your general day-to-day life?

Love: Very. I’m a clothes nut – always will be.

Q: What designs and labels do you sport yourself, and what has caught your eye recently? (not just Casual stuff).

Ans. I’m 40 now and have stopped trying to look like a young man. These days I wear older Italian gear and classic Ralph Lauren. Loro Piana and Brunello Cucenelli are my current favourites.

Colonel: Where do you see men’s fashion at present, does it excite you?

Love. I don’t really follow any fashion – I just do my own thing - I’m not mad not on clothes that come in and out of fashion.

Colonel: Of all the actors in your films, which one has been the most style conscious?

Love: Paul Anderson who plays Bex in The Firm. He’s a reme dresser – very natural style without trying too hard.

Colonel: You work with Vertigo Films and have done from the off. How important is this relationship to your working life?

Love: Vertigo is partly my company so it makes sense that I do everything through them! Having support from my producers is priceless.

Colonel: Do they all think you are fashion mad nutter?

Love: Very much so.

Colonel: American cinema is currently flogging any remakes it can muster. Who do you admire in US film? And if you could remake a film, what would be your dream remake?

Love: I’m not interested in Hollywood, never have been. Sweeney is my ultimate film although it’s not technically a remake as I made the story of the film up – but it does of course have Regan and Carter in it.

Colonel: What film do you consider to be untouchable, as far as remakes are concerned?

Love: Godfather.

Top director, top dresser, top man, thanks Nick, Colonel.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Originals and best

ICONIC logos make you wonder why some companies change then at all, and the reissue of some simply stunning Adidas originals T-shirts beggars the question once again.

The ultimate Adidas ‘trefoil’ logo is something to behold and graces the originals range ensuring head turning style.

The fairway range of pl

ain coloured T-shirts, with the raised print logo on the chest provide subtle style, while the CB TEE provides stand out iconic class.

The contrasting panels, which combine pastel blues, yellow and reds with angled logo positioned to the left of the shirts chest, then runs nicely on to the back in a diagonal finish.

The shirts are currently available in two variations light clay argile and run white echo blue, all on 100 per cent cotton shirts.

The originals shirts come in five colours, red, Kelly green, Colombia blue, loam and white, while the three-stripe range, which is the exact replica of the first T-shirt ever produced by the German sporting legend, also sports the three stripes on the shoulder and arms.

This slim fit shirt comes in Kelly green, loam, indigo, scarlet, white and Colombia blue.

Finishing off the shirts comes the Trainers range, which in box grey and orange, with a superb print of a pair of Superstars on an original Adidas trainer box, with a logo sown on the right arm, coming in regular fit.

Something for everyone, they are bloody clever those Germans, street or beach they’ve got it sorted.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Paraboot -

Not a another shoe salesman......was what we had thought when this tall thin man walked into the shop carrying a bag. Once the bag was opened we knew straight away we wanted to be the stockist of these beauties. Not many brands out there that excite us, but when we see quality rather than just some cheap brand cashing in on their name we do genuinely get excited.

Paraboot is an Vintage brand from France and have been making shoes since 1908. The company has re-visited their archives and relaunched a couple of classic designs, for the modern walker looking for premium quality shoes.

Often in the shop we were asked " how good are these for walking in?" or "Are they durable because I walk allot?" in the past I didn't like to give a full on answer, as everyone is different in the way they walk and no shoes last the same for different people.

Finally I have found an answer to the question - "paraboot" a comfortable style that doesn't need breaking in, and will last as far as you can walk.

Check out the style we have had in, there are three to choose from.

The origins of Richard -Pontvert go back to the beginning of the 20th Century, in a small workshop in Izeaux in the Isere region of France. Remy Richard-Pontvert, who named the company, returns from a visit to the USA in 1926 with "overboots"- rubber covers that Americans used to protect their shoes in rainy weather. This gave him the idea to commercialise the rubber soled shoe using the latex being imported directly from the port of Para, in Brazil. He pioneered his own formula for the composition of the rubber, thus the brand "Paraboot" was born.

"The Paraboot" is one of the legendary products forever associated with France, alongside Vuarent spectacles, cartier rings, leRouge baiser, Lacoste shirts, Louis Vuitton luggage.....

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Duralinen Dry Fly Fishing jacket

The Dry Fly jacket is a great re-issue by Barbour heritage project. Originally built for fishing, with loads of unique detail. The Elasticated waist pull for a more sleeker fit, ultility pockets through out make it a perfect urban walker jacket, for guys who carry more than just a mobile phone. Its light weight makes it wearable in the cooler parts of summer too, and the Poly coated Linen adds shower proofing to the fabric. The Barbour Dry fly jacket is a must have collectors item. In stock now with limited quantity. RRP is £185 available in store or online at Stuarts London.

THE Mac is back, exclusively

IT was a summer of icons, the late great Sir Bobby Moore, looking and playing like a titan, the dancing Nobby Styles, the tearful Charlton brothers, but the man in the middle who exuded class under pressure walking around the touchline in his classic rain mac was Sir Alf.

The Ramsey look of guile, classic cuts and that BBC English voice was optimised in the beige mac he donned as the country stormed to World Cup glory as the year 1966 became forever etched on the psyche.

Well as the country prepares to go into full World Cup mode this summer, the Mac is definitely back.

Baracuta, the classic creator of the symbolic British coat including the iconic Harrington, has re-released the rain mac in limited number, sporting a fantastic red and black gingham check lining.

The covered button, two pocket mac is part of an English lineage that has spanned the world seeing stars such as Steve McQueen (Thomas Crown Affair) and more recently Liam Gallagher and the new James Bond Daniel Craig to name a few, don the legendary manufacturers clothes since its inception in 1937.

So for your chance to step out in classic World cup style keep your eyes open this week, because the mac will land exclusively at Stuarts London before a ball has been kicked in South Africa.

Kick off in style.

A modern classic

THOSE Swedes are a funny old lot, all that hardcore porn, blonde hair and golfing clothes.

Yes, I did say golfing clothes, because the brand of choice among many of the world’s golfing elite and come to think of it Hollywood A-listers is J Lindberg.

The Stockholm based label, with its modern angle on style, really is becoming a 21st century classic.

The likes of Brad Pitt, Kevin Dillon, along with golfers Jesper Parnevik and Richard Johnson, to mention a few, have sported the Stockholm based range, while former models include no less that rock chic Juliette Lewis and English rockers Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) and Pete Doherty’s original side-kick Carl Barat.

There is something particularly Swedish about the designs of Lindberg, I know that sounds obvious, but just check out the button down polo tops and you will get what I mean.

The three-button placket is boosted by two collar buttons, which add a strangely upright feel to the shirt, which stands out from the rest of the garment.

Not to mention the halfway seam that runs down the front and back of the shirt.

Buttons and unusual cuts are a main stay of the clothes I have seen from the range, with the Rollerball style logo on the chest as well, it makes everything very angular, and slightly off-set.

Almost timeless in its own time.

This means that even the most sensible garment or colour choice, stands out on its own merits.

The Ethan ECO Y-neck cardigan, yes I did say Y-neck, is a point in principle.

The smoking jacket level pockets, draw down the line of the garment, while the random sixth button on the neck draws the eye up. The lighter blue piping on the pockets and colouring inside the top is a fine touch.

The scooped neckline t-shirts are also very different, providing a more relaxed approach and the off colours in the range again provide an added piece to the style jigsaw, with the red looking more orange, washed out, without the logo, sporting a printed name on the sleeve, rather than the JL logo.

You could say this range has some Swede touches, I know sorry that was terrible, but the clothes are definitely not.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Zip it off : and show it off

Sergio Tacchini have re-issued the Young Line Track jacket. The 80s classic jacket a favourite with the Wimbledon legend - John McEnroe. The style is simple witha contrast blockwork pattern on the top half and Sergio Logo embroidered in to the chest , with a the signature. The funnel neck means you can zip it right up or leave it half open to make the neck line transform into a cool retro looking collar.

Its a rare style so don't expect to find this in JD sports just yet. The Young line is no ordinary track jacket it has a amzing point of difference. When it get too hot, and you feel like cooling down, you can zip of the sleeves and show off you newly trained - beer lifting - arms for summer.

RRP is £65.00 and avilable in White with Italian blue contrast. Sergio Tacchini Vintage

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Training for war

FRANKIE goes to Hollywood had Two Tribes, but long before that, two brothers went to war and created training shoe legend.

Adolf Dassler and his brother Rudolf ran a trainer making company, starting out in 1924, Dassler shoes.

They proved a success in the 1948 Olympics and then Rodulf decided to branch out on his own and started Puma, thus instigating a trainer war which has raged ever since.

Two heads are better than one and that has proved absolutely true as the pair invented trainer classic after trainer classic.

That war still rages in stylish, in the know clothes shop and has found a new battle with the arrival of Originals ZX 8000 and the GS white metallic Original tennis shoe.

As Bex says in Nick Love’s The Firm; ‘There is only one trainer.’ as he dons a pair of Adidas Muncheons, the German manufacturer has taken it’s ZX running shoe range a step further with the 8000, which brings back the Torsion system.

Sporting a leather and mesh design and some bright reflective colours, in white and orange/pink, while they also come in a pastel blue finish as well.

Making a return to the tennis court, the GS range, in gold and white, boasts a fabulous gold Adidas heal badge and of course the legendary heel peg system, complete with plastic hammer.

This classic trainer smacks of the Forest Hill and Centre Court and is a luxurious leather beauty, with the perforated nose front.

Not to be outdone Rudolf’s lot, Puma, have released the well Top, Top Winner trainer leather nubuck multi-purpose trainer.

The orange gum soled trainer, which come in white, with a black Puma arch, these are superb trainers for all day usage and provide a good reposté to the Adidas shoes.

Available with a red arch, the Puma fight back is also boosted by the sublime Cabana Insignia trainer in blue and white.

The lightweight canvas and suede trainer first hit the street in 1981 and provides style and usage in one natty shoe.

At least this is one war that nobody is losing out in.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bags of style

ONE of the best TV adverts going around at the moment, is the high street bank one that’s says ‘for the journey’ and that’s exactly what this blog is aiming at.

Hotels, airports and beaches are as important a cat walk for your look, as any high street or night club. And what better way to stand out form the crowd, than with a natty bag or holdall?

The latest Fila range of bags are ‘ream’ and provide a nice sporting touch to a look, with the DJ and Flight bags, with over shoulder straps are sublime in navy with red and white trim, and white with red and blue trim respectively.

The DJ bag has a flap closure, with numerous inside pockets, sporting a nice large F badge.

The flight bag comes in gardenia with zip closure, making it a perfect travel bag. The daddy of the range is the extra large holdall comes in a tough non-leather finish in white, with two handles, branded stud and zip finishes, make it the perfect sports/travel bag.

Add to this the retro tennis racket holdall in either navy or white and you are set, game and match.

Taking a step back to the playground comes the Slazenger shoulder bag in either black or green, with the prancing cat emblazoned across the front.

This legendary bag, which has zip pocket and two main zip compartments and with branded zips.

The 100 per cent PVC bag fits well with any look, either for the Casual sporting style, or just the trendy boy about town.

Dock in to summer

PREPPY, steady go for the sun-filled days set to come the American prep look, well chinos such as Dockers and the Humor clothing in Dean biege trousers are becoming the rounds of choice for the coming months.

No socks, Bass Weejuns or try throwing in a pair of Loakes (loafers) topped off with some of the fabulous new pastel colour Fila Vintage T-shirts and well, how about a Pretty Green Monkey jackets, in the lovely olive or stunning sky and you are set for the sun.

Out of the five colours available, the Dockers range of slim fit or extra slim chino, in light grey, light beige, dark navy, navy and the classic khaki.

Superb tailoring is a given with this Levi Strauss & Co backed garment, which have been synonymous with the preppy summer look since its inception in 1986.

The slant front pockets and welted double back, sport a button fastener.

They are the perfect foil for a smart pair of desk shoes, try the Larson burgundy loafers or my favourites Larkin tassel burgundy, with the superb hand stitched 100 per cent leather sole.

The classic English show maker Loake also offers some sublime daisy’s with the 1880 Brighton loafer in oxblood or black, which boasts a Goodyear welted sole for increased durability and life.

The lightweight Pretty Green jackets top off the look and are perfect for that final layer as BBQs stretch on into the night.

As for the t-shirts, the delicious Fila Vintage pastel colour Ace range are something fresh for the season.

Sporting the classic F badge on the chest, this t is really a challenge to famous French label; Chemise Lacoste, with a three button front placket and two-stripe design on the sleeve.

A range of colours including French blue, sky blue, Chinese red, purple Heather, lemon and Kelly green make this a reasonably priced gem to complete any look.

Drop in some batty shades, Wayferers Ray Ban, or anything form the Persol range, I particularly like the 2747S ones in black.

And this all started with a humble pair of Dockers, all aboard!

Monkey Jacket - is looking Pretty Green

The monkey jacket is a excellent light weight spring / summer jacket from Pretty green. Water resistant and good in wind too. The style is simple and easy to compliment with any casual outfit.
Available in a range of colours. Each season the collection is limited and none of the past colours have been re-introduced to keep it fresh. Check out the new collection today of Pretty Green.

Pretty Green stockist:

Shrink to Fit - Extreme Method

Levis - Shrink to fit at only £85.00

It's a bargin when the original Levis vintage pair cost £175 and next season when we get them in stock they will be £200. plus. It's the above pr video was a Pr ad from Levis. We don't advise you get in the tumble drier.

Some like the feel of the cardboard like denim and leave them unwashed, other want that Mod fit and like them to shrink to fit, which means you may want a size bigger so you allow for shrinkage.