Monday, 12 April 2010

Solid Gold : Diadora Borg Elite - a Class of its own

STANDING proud in the world of trainers is no mean feat, but that is exactly what the classic Borg-Elite gold trainer did.

And the latest limited production run, makes this welcoming back of an old friend potentially very short lived.

There really isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said on this king of trainers, which topped the Diadora range and is rightly known as a 'heritage product'.

The kangaroo skin trainer, with its iconic gold badge and orange sole was originally backed up by an advertising campaign, which showed a football casual in handcuffs, stating: 'The trainer with more history than you have'.

This time round it has has been backed up by the release of the lesser spotted, but almost as reveared red Elites.

This latest reproduction means the range is now complete, and has already started summer with a stylish bang and the already dwindling stocks will make these one to hunt down as soon as possible.

The gold's have already hit number one spot in the top five sellers for March, so spring into action.