Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shrink to fit : Levis 1966 cut - 501

RIDICULOUSLY laboured sixties soundtracks and muscle bound floppy hair styled models are no longer needed, Levi’s are back, but this time for real.

Surely the only purely tailored denim in the world, well the first, simply add yourself and water and bingo.

The best thing since …

The shrink to fit Levi denim range, which has always held a special place in any ken eyed fella, seems once again perfectly placed to fill that niche in a wardrobe this summer and onwards.

The jean amongst jeans has launched the PWR 1966 shrink to fit, 501, which at £85 is simply a bargain. That makes this inimitable style even older than the Colonel by two years. Jesus that ages me! Wish I had worn as well as this classic denim finish.

The darker five-pocket jean is of course part of the special editions launched by what must be considered to be the Daddy of denim is topping a range, which just get better and better as the year goes on.

Heritage is playing a big part in this year’s looks, with countless labels stepping back into the arena, more on those on other blogs, but Levi’s is one of the heavyweights in denim and the shrink to fit is a knockout for sure.

The Standard ruck up Levi’s are also well worth a look, both offering something to the vast new ranges of plimsoll to trainer footwear that is on offer this year.

The tighter jeans look, available through the shrink to fit, allows the Kasabian style of wearing them, pulling in at the bottom to enhance the canvas trainer looks.

Check out the Marcel Lacoste or Perry Kingston Twill, any of the thin soled trainers work wonders, while with the wider bottom, well the world is your ouster.

Go preppie with Converse, I really like the check unisex trainer, or chuck on a pair of Puma Clydes (formerly States surely), flipping that Old Skool Bronx look.

Well worth a gander are the 1901 dark wash denim jeans, again rucked at the bottom adding that thrown on, but seriously planned style.

Again chunkier trainers work well with these, I think due to the darkness of the jean the Puma Roma 68 in black and white, stunning, is the trainer of choice.

I must add that the wider bottom Levi works an absolute treat with New Balance, I am loving the U420 CB and KB, but then as you will see in time, I have a deep and long love of New Balance trainers, which maybe I should keep to myself?!?!

Get the tap water on and tailor those jeans.