Thursday, 1 April 2010

Loake footwear : New Arrival

THE two-tone days are back, surely tonic trousers are next, after the arrival of the fabulous Loake 1880 Brighton shoes.

This famous English heritage label, who must rank up alongside Church’s for sheer beautiful design and craftsmanship are like stepping back in time, to Terry Hall’s Fred Perry dancing days.

These shoes. although they wreak of the Ghost town era, are simply a modern day classic.

The tassel finish, and yes originally these shoes were known as tassel loafers for anyone too young to remember, really bring out the shoe against a nice tight cropped pair of jeans for suggestions how about the new Levi shrink to fit look, but more of that later.

The leather insole and Goodyear welded sole, means you’ll have no problems with wear and tear, but let’s not just concentrate on the loafer, the 1880 half brogue is something to admire, let alone wear.

The shoe, which wreaks of my childhood and is like a stylish trip down memory lane, looking at these shoes the style of shirt falls once again on the large check, but they will also run on a much straight line look, you can of course wear an open collar Lacoste polo, try looking at the Pretty Green range of cuts, or lob in Fjall Raven short, for example the Owl dark blue shirt, which sits beautifully against a nice pair of Luke 1977 jeans or the Duck shirt in burnt red.

It’s all about cut and line with Loakes, bringing back the days of Ska with a thoroughly modern twist.