Saturday, 10 April 2010

Its Back The Levis Sta-Prest or Stay Press

After a long battle to get some stock made we managed to get some Beige classic Levis Sta-prest or as the British would say "stay press". The classic is now in the original format of side slant pockets and two welted back pockets. The quality is every bit as one would expect. Stuarts London is the only Independent retailer to secure some extra stock. How lucky is that?


The crease is permanent, which means no ironing to maintain the crease. The fit is excellent giving room around the thighs and then tapering down to a narrow hem. A Classic 60's look.

History of the Sta- Prest:

In 1964 Levis and Co. decided that they needed to innovate a non denim that had a permanent, sharp front crease. Once the production hit the stores its was an overnight phenomenon.

Sales men rushed around the US to prove the story of the trousers that didn't need to be ironed after washing, and history has it that one sales man even carried a washing machine in the back of his car to prove that this was the case. ( Nutter )

By the end of the 60's nearly every American teen was in to the Levis Sta-prest adopted to as part of the preppy Ivy league look.