Sunday, 25 April 2010

It's all about F-iing style

HOLDING a high line may be a tactic adopted by some football sides, but holding a high class one between casual and smart clothing is exactly what the label Farah has always done.

The original Farah slack became synonymous with Pringle diamond cut jumpers, Adidas and Puma trainers, in fact it’s classic lines and angled front pickets made it a sort of canvas for the rest of the Casual look.

Created by the American label, which has been producing clothes since 1947, the style is timeless.

It even held it’s own in the Mod world, with Wellar et al sporting the trousers alongside bowling shoes and Wallabee or Clarks Desert boots.

The recently launched Vintage range continues along this line, providing stand out summer polos and shirts, running iconically under the slacks name.

The higher squared off collars and pockets shine, on which nestle the classic F logo.

The four-button front is also a treat along with the tapered cuffs.

There is something, simply attention to detail, that makes this range stand out, providing subtle style to an otherwise classic shirt.

With 11 variables of colour and print, from the stunning Midnight Polo FSE55139 to the simple all white Ecru polo, the range with its finer cotton finish is a delight.

Also on offer, the Watts range of shirts, with a subtle gingham check.

No button down collars here, and a two-colour range allowing the F logo to stand out on the chest pocket.

The racing green shirt harks back the days of skinhead and two-tone, while the Purple Rain shirt mixes navy blue and a light purple with subtle style all in a slim fit finish.

It’s all raring to provide a class touch and it’s all F-ing good clobber.