Monday, 26 April 2010

Don't be too Casual about it

IT’S like stepping through a history of football and football Casual with the latest range of 80s Casuals t-shirts.

As worn by countless celebs, film starts and musicians, including Richard Ashcroft (Verve), Bez (Happy Mondays), Nick Love (The Firm, The Business), John Power (The La’s, Cast) and Mani (Primal Scream, Stone Roses), the shirts reflect a time of glory on both sides of the footballing border, North and South.

The original ranges concentrated more on the clothes, with the new range of shirts touching more on the historic and geographic sections of the game.

Every travelling football fan from London and the South knows ‘It’s grim up North’ and has at sometime or another been asked ‘Mind your car mate?’ and also is well aware of bandit country being in South London and the concerns of being caught out on the ‘English Riviera’.

All of these aspects are covered in the excellent range of shirt, which steal a look-a-like Fila style arm badge, even going as far as adding the 80s casuals badge to a limited edition Fila Terrinda tracksuit top.

The range has branched out towards the Madchester scene with the Pills, Thrills and bellyaches style 80s casuals shirt and brings up World Cup icons with the England Bobby Moore shirt.

If you believe the north will rise, there’s a shirt for that, or if you fancy some ‘fine young Casuals’ there’s a short for that.

You will find once these shirts are worn, people, of a certain age approach you and smile.

For me the favourite new shirt if the infamous Liverpool based shop, Transalpino, which took its name form the European train tickets, Scousers used during their heyday to invade Europe and return home with a fist full of top gear.

The range is a reasonably priced trip down Memory Lane.