Monday, 19 April 2010

Belt up

1966 and all that applies not only to Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore and England it also marked the starting point for Parma based belt makers Anderson’s.

The superb belts, which come in leather, crocodile skin and woven fabric lines and make a stylish addition to any outfit and the hand finished leather numbers are as standout for the craftsmanship as the woven fabric ones are for their colourful looks and designs.

The woven fabric belts, which come in a variety of patterns and deigns have leather trim with contrast stitching and are finished off the solid brass buckles.

There are 16 designs available and will work with shorts or trousers, completing a chino/Dockers look nicely, the weave gives a reptile or lace-like fretwork and produce colour variations due the individual style and work that goes into every belt.

While the leather belts, which come in a check pattern in brown really is the daddy of the range, working well casually or on the smartest of outfits.

In the same way the plain brushed leather belts in black and brown with a leather covered buckle and mounted hooks.

Each belt, not only has the history and forms part of Anderson’s ranges with the weave belts being part of the Summer Line, while the leather finish are part of the Sport line.

So Anderson's have shown it's time to belt up this summer.