Monday, 26 April 2010

Don't be too Casual about it

IT’S like stepping through a history of football and football Casual with the latest range of 80s Casuals t-shirts.

As worn by countless celebs, film starts and musicians, including Richard Ashcroft (Verve), Bez (Happy Mondays), Nick Love (The Firm, The Business), John Power (The La’s, Cast) and Mani (Primal Scream, Stone Roses), the shirts reflect a time of glory on both sides of the footballing border, North and South.

The original ranges concentrated more on the clothes, with the new range of shirts touching more on the historic and geographic sections of the game.

Every travelling football fan from London and the South knows ‘It’s grim up North’ and has at sometime or another been asked ‘Mind your car mate?’ and also is well aware of bandit country being in South London and the concerns of being caught out on the ‘English Riviera’.

All of these aspects are covered in the excellent range of shirt, which steal a look-a-like Fila style arm badge, even going as far as adding the 80s casuals badge to a limited edition Fila Terrinda tracksuit top.

The range has branched out towards the Madchester scene with the Pills, Thrills and bellyaches style 80s casuals shirt and brings up World Cup icons with the England Bobby Moore shirt.

If you believe the north will rise, there’s a shirt for that, or if you fancy some ‘fine young Casuals’ there’s a short for that.

You will find once these shirts are worn, people, of a certain age approach you and smile.

For me the favourite new shirt if the infamous Liverpool based shop, Transalpino, which took its name form the European train tickets, Scousers used during their heyday to invade Europe and return home with a fist full of top gear.

The range is a reasonably priced trip down Memory Lane.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

It's all about F-iing style

HOLDING a high line may be a tactic adopted by some football sides, but holding a high class one between casual and smart clothing is exactly what the label Farah has always done.

The original Farah slack became synonymous with Pringle diamond cut jumpers, Adidas and Puma trainers, in fact it’s classic lines and angled front pickets made it a sort of canvas for the rest of the Casual look.

Created by the American label, which has been producing clothes since 1947, the style is timeless.

It even held it’s own in the Mod world, with Wellar et al sporting the trousers alongside bowling shoes and Wallabee or Clarks Desert boots.

The recently launched Vintage range continues along this line, providing stand out summer polos and shirts, running iconically under the slacks name.

The higher squared off collars and pockets shine, on which nestle the classic F logo.

The four-button front is also a treat along with the tapered cuffs.

There is something, simply attention to detail, that makes this range stand out, providing subtle style to an otherwise classic shirt.

With 11 variables of colour and print, from the stunning Midnight Polo FSE55139 to the simple all white Ecru polo, the range with its finer cotton finish is a delight.

Also on offer, the Watts range of shirts, with a subtle gingham check.

No button down collars here, and a two-colour range allowing the F logo to stand out on the chest pocket.

The racing green shirt harks back the days of skinhead and two-tone, while the Purple Rain shirt mixes navy blue and a light purple with subtle style all in a slim fit finish.

It’s all raring to provide a class touch and it’s all F-ing good clobber.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


DATE: 20-04-2008

It was a great pleasure to meet such an iconic boxer, as one customer who came by from Australia was thrilled that he made a visit at the right time to see Ricky Hatton.

Ricky, keeping cool as ice he walked about before he picked up some goodies for his wardrobe one item in particular was the Fred Perry Track jacket which was released last month.

Which celeb is going to be next at the Famous Stuarts - David Beckham?

Monday, 19 April 2010

Belt up

1966 and all that applies not only to Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore and England it also marked the starting point for Parma based belt makers Anderson’s.

The superb belts, which come in leather, crocodile skin and woven fabric lines and make a stylish addition to any outfit and the hand finished leather numbers are as standout for the craftsmanship as the woven fabric ones are for their colourful looks and designs.

The woven fabric belts, which come in a variety of patterns and deigns have leather trim with contrast stitching and are finished off the solid brass buckles.

There are 16 designs available and will work with shorts or trousers, completing a chino/Dockers look nicely, the weave gives a reptile or lace-like fretwork and produce colour variations due the individual style and work that goes into every belt.

While the leather belts, which come in a check pattern in brown really is the daddy of the range, working well casually or on the smartest of outfits.

In the same way the plain brushed leather belts in black and brown with a leather covered buckle and mounted hooks.

Each belt, not only has the history and forms part of Anderson’s ranges with the weave belts being part of the Summer Line, while the leather finish are part of the Sport line.

So Anderson's have shown it's time to belt up this summer.

Fred Perry World Cup Polo Shirts

Fred Perry has launched an exclusive polo shirt. The made in England shirts have an oversized large laurel on the chest along with the country of your Favourite world cup football team. The high spec woven pique cotton in a two button style is going to be a sure fire winner this summer. Get in early at Stuarts as we do anticipate in running out even before kick off.

Available at stuarts is of course the England polo, along with Italy, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Netherlands.

It's all Bella Bella in Biella

Fila’s Chairman Honored in Biella, Italy
Apr 14, 2010, United Kingdom

Today, Fila Chairman, Gene Yoon, was recognised as an honorary citizen of Biella, Italy, the alpine town where the Fila brand was born. Originally founded by the Fila brothers nearly one hundred years ago, Fila helped Biella to become known throughout the world for manufacturing rich textiles and superior craftsmanship.

In recognition of Mr. Yoon’s contribution to the Fila brand over the last two decades, Biella’s Mayor, Donato Gentile, presented Yoon with the honorary citizenship during a ceremony this morning attended by prominent community members, government officials and special guests at City Hall.

“It is an honor to be recognised by the people of Biella, Italy,” said Gene Yoon, Chairman of Fila. “As we near the 100 year anniversary of the Fila brothers’ founding of the company, the contributions of the people of Biella throughout the years speak volumes to what the brand has been able to accomplish worldwide. On behalf of all of us who work with the brand today, I can say that not a day goes by without us all reaching back to the heritage of Fila here in Biella for inspiration.”

Congratulazioni Gene!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Chip of the old block

CHIPPING out of bunker on golf courses all over the world the famous Slazenger range, donned by none other than Seve Ballesteros, whose iconic image punching the air, showed the style and skill of the range and the player.
The Birkdale v-neck jumper is a cult classic, coming in ocean blue, yellow, black and maroon, or try the lambswool Lytham v-neck, instead of the cotton Birkdale.

The SLV2 T-shirts have Italian cut collars with colour pipping and come in a six colours, from electric blue maroon, while the SLV1 provides higher collars and minus the collar pipping.

The cardigans, all lambswool, are exceptional, with a six-button front and step straight out of the tennis courts of the world, again with ribbed cuffs and waist.

The link with the court based game is not just form the era of Casual, but stretches back to 1905, when the label became the official tennis ball provider for the courts of Wimbledon.

Slazenger really is the only label that wears grey and maroon so well, and the stunning cotton roll necks are no change, coming in grey and black.

It has been a long wait for this relaunch, but it has already proudly found a space in my wardrobe and may well do the same this weekend, in fact yes it will.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Solid Gold : Diadora Borg Elite - a Class of its own

STANDING proud in the world of trainers is no mean feat, but that is exactly what the classic Borg-Elite gold trainer did.

And the latest limited production run, makes this welcoming back of an old friend potentially very short lived.

There really isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said on this king of trainers, which topped the Diadora range and is rightly known as a 'heritage product'.

The kangaroo skin trainer, with its iconic gold badge and orange sole was originally backed up by an advertising campaign, which showed a football casual in handcuffs, stating: 'The trainer with more history than you have'.

This time round it has has been backed up by the release of the lesser spotted, but almost as reveared red Elites.

This latest reproduction means the range is now complete, and has already started summer with a stylish bang and the already dwindling stocks will make these one to hunt down as soon as possible.

The gold's have already hit number one spot in the top five sellers for March, so spring into action.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Bible 80s Casual

Finally after many years of getting the perfect collection and the most hard to find gems, Dave Hewitson and Jay Montessori have completed the "bible" of the casuals scene.

This book is exclusively only available in a few stores, and the only London stockist is Stuarts London. The Fashion of an urban, working class culture, with a love of training shoes and designer sportswear. Foreword written by the man himself Nick Love the book in store has been a major sellout. This June/July we are sponsoring a night with Dave Hewitson and team to officially launch the Book in London. Venue to be disclosed later next month. Its going to be a good night , with cool DJ's and classic bands from up North.

The book is selling for £20 and worth every penny, click here to buy today.

Its Back The Levis Sta-Prest or Stay Press

After a long battle to get some stock made we managed to get some Beige classic Levis Sta-prest or as the British would say "stay press". The classic is now in the original format of side slant pockets and two welted back pockets. The quality is every bit as one would expect. Stuarts London is the only Independent retailer to secure some extra stock. How lucky is that?


The crease is permanent, which means no ironing to maintain the crease. The fit is excellent giving room around the thighs and then tapering down to a narrow hem. A Classic 60's look.

History of the Sta- Prest:

In 1964 Levis and Co. decided that they needed to innovate a non denim that had a permanent, sharp front crease. Once the production hit the stores its was an overnight phenomenon.

Sales men rushed around the US to prove the story of the trousers that didn't need to be ironed after washing, and history has it that one sales man even carried a washing machine in the back of his car to prove that this was the case. ( Nutter )

By the end of the 60's nearly every American teen was in to the Levis Sta-prest adopted to as part of the preppy Ivy league look.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shrink to fit : Levis 1966 cut - 501

RIDICULOUSLY laboured sixties soundtracks and muscle bound floppy hair styled models are no longer needed, Levi’s are back, but this time for real.

Surely the only purely tailored denim in the world, well the first, simply add yourself and water and bingo.

The best thing since …

The shrink to fit Levi denim range, which has always held a special place in any ken eyed fella, seems once again perfectly placed to fill that niche in a wardrobe this summer and onwards.

The jean amongst jeans has launched the PWR 1966 shrink to fit, 501, which at £85 is simply a bargain. That makes this inimitable style even older than the Colonel by two years. Jesus that ages me! Wish I had worn as well as this classic denim finish.

The darker five-pocket jean is of course part of the special editions launched by what must be considered to be the Daddy of denim is topping a range, which just get better and better as the year goes on.

Heritage is playing a big part in this year’s looks, with countless labels stepping back into the arena, more on those on other blogs, but Levi’s is one of the heavyweights in denim and the shrink to fit is a knockout for sure.

The Standard ruck up Levi’s are also well worth a look, both offering something to the vast new ranges of plimsoll to trainer footwear that is on offer this year.

The tighter jeans look, available through the shrink to fit, allows the Kasabian style of wearing them, pulling in at the bottom to enhance the canvas trainer looks.

Check out the Marcel Lacoste or Perry Kingston Twill, any of the thin soled trainers work wonders, while with the wider bottom, well the world is your ouster.

Go preppie with Converse, I really like the check unisex trainer, or chuck on a pair of Puma Clydes (formerly States surely), flipping that Old Skool Bronx look.

Well worth a gander are the 1901 dark wash denim jeans, again rucked at the bottom adding that thrown on, but seriously planned style.

Again chunkier trainers work well with these, I think due to the darkness of the jean the Puma Roma 68 in black and white, stunning, is the trainer of choice.

I must add that the wider bottom Levi works an absolute treat with New Balance, I am loving the U420 CB and KB, but then as you will see in time, I have a deep and long love of New Balance trainers, which maybe I should keep to myself?!?!

Get the tap water on and tailor those jeans.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Carhartt - Work wear Fashion

INDULGE me because this stuff really is working class.
Carhartt the famous American working clothing label is providing something special for summer, which moves it away form the classic denim and work shirt look, with offers such as the Parker Shirt bottle, Folsom and Watson shirts, along with the Texas Niland, Wyatt Burbank, Chester, Presenter and Primary pants are more of the staple lines provided by this well tailored long wearing line.
The classic cotton pant with the slanted front pocket has been sported on skate, BMX styles for a long time acting as a perfect item to complete an outfit, along with the denim line, with the Burback rinsed being my favourites, providing a slim fit straight leg style is classic with the iconic square edged back pocket, but looking to the summer is where the label seem to be heading with some superb T’s and shorts.

The Longplayer T in green, dark grey, crimson and navy emblazoned with the classic C or why not try the Script short, which, how can I put this? Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Brown being the new black is my fav, but of course it available in white and brown and navy, simply do their job, properly.
I have fallen for the ‘Full Colour’ shirt, is designed by Matt Fowler and provides class, style and some fantastic BBQ weather colour for a bargain price.
So add the Primary shorts, in beige, navy and the preppie styling of the Cup jacket in grey heather or blue, sporting the American college look of the letter C on the right hand side of the chest, brings a smattering of Penguin ‘rat pack’ style. The rib-knit collar, cuffs and waist, all shallow cut, will complete a superb lightweight summer style.
But for me the, oh hear we go again I can hear people muttering, ‘there’s always a ‘for me’ at the end of any blog, but I can’t help it I am totally smitten with the Rude navy jacket with Raglan sleeves, rib knit cuffs and bottom band are simply the labels Harrington jacket, and complete the summer in style.

Loake footwear : New Arrival

THE two-tone days are back, surely tonic trousers are next, after the arrival of the fabulous Loake 1880 Brighton shoes.

This famous English heritage label, who must rank up alongside Church’s for sheer beautiful design and craftsmanship are like stepping back in time, to Terry Hall’s Fred Perry dancing days.

These shoes. although they wreak of the Ghost town era, are simply a modern day classic.

The tassel finish, and yes originally these shoes were known as tassel loafers for anyone too young to remember, really bring out the shoe against a nice tight cropped pair of jeans for suggestions how about the new Levi shrink to fit look, but more of that later.

The leather insole and Goodyear welded sole, means you’ll have no problems with wear and tear, but let’s not just concentrate on the loafer, the 1880 half brogue is something to admire, let alone wear.

The shoe, which wreaks of my childhood and is like a stylish trip down memory lane, looking at these shoes the style of shirt falls once again on the large check, but they will also run on a much straight line look, you can of course wear an open collar Lacoste polo, try looking at the Pretty Green range of cuts, or lob in Fjall Raven short, for example the Owl dark blue shirt, which sits beautifully against a nice pair of Luke 1977 jeans or the Duck shirt in burnt red.

It’s all about cut and line with Loakes, bringing back the days of Ska with a thoroughly modern twist.