Monday, 8 March 2010

Roaring into town

IT’S not just the boys of summer who are out sporting the Luke 1977 designs, but the girls as well.

Gaining coverage everywhere, the label, which combines some fine quality with a nice mixture of casual and smart has proved a big catch in the celebrity world and keeps popping up on TV shows and press launches as much as on the street, where it really belongs.

The L-list is seemingly endless as shows such as Skins catching in on the line, while Firm star Calum McNab has been seen sporting some of the garments, even Eastenders has had a flash of the 1977 look.

Puzzling his obviously immense brain fast talking Terry Christian sports one of the Williams navy polo tops, while Jordan’s new husband Alex Reid was seen sporting a pair of the Reggyular Raw denim jeans. Which have the lion crest emblazoned across the back pocket.

The strange thing about the brand, is its ability to be all things to all people.

The obvious smattering of celebrity donning of the label, are backed up by the looking blending with some classic other brands such as Gabicci and being linked in nicely with a casual relaxed look on such people as McNab of The Firm fame, sporting the shower kagool and a particularly sweet pink v-neck jumper, Scott Maslen (looking sweet in a Spud Bak knitted cardigan, plus other stars from Eastenders.

The label is catching attention in hip hop and R’n’B circles with SisQo, who sports the ALB jacket and Teran.

The boater shoes on black or brown and the toecap range are a nice finishing touch.

Being a finalist in the Drapers Awards for last year is no mistake, this label is going torun and run and having already attracted such a wide ranging fan base, the lion looks ready to roar.