Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Pep up your Prep

THE look is cool, med styling with a hint of James Bond to it, but whatever I say, one fact is that the Chino is back.
The summer look, which has always been akin to Italian coffee shops and promenades, almost the anti-suit smart look sees quality ranges such as Penfield, whose Millwood natural tan chino looks sublime up against the Anzak navy Gingham shirt, or plump for the Dockers original chino, drop on a brightly checked Ben Sherman or Levi shirt.
For a more industrial plump for the Carhart working clothes range, the Primary, Presenter and Texas pants offer a range of colours, from the classic tan, although this is greener not quite khaki hint to it provide and excellent canvas for the checked shirt, the Folsom, Watson and Parker shirts, short sleeved, look really tight and I mean as in smart, adding colour and complexity to the style.
Plimsoles can be worn with these or boating shoes, check out Lacoste, Sebago’s.
Removal of socks and rolling up the trouser leg is for the true summer fashion, Andrew Ridgeley style, or you could look across the pond to America for the classic preppy look.
Adding a pair of stunning Bass loafers or the soon to be arriving Loakes is a touch of class, Wayfarer glasses wouldn’t go a miss.
And when the sun finally pokes its head through the English clouds, what about tailored shorts to complete the whole shebang.
Baracuta, well it would have to be wouldn’t it, produce some great chino trousers and casual tailored short, which sit perfectly with their gingham shirts and Harringtons, this look is a real miss-mash of nods to two tone, preppie Americana and summertime chic