Saturday, 13 March 2010

In to Dock

ORIGINATOR of the chino style pant, Dockers has become a label which remains at the forefront, originator and innovator.

The chino range of trousers, tailored to the highest standard and available in five colours, dark navy, navy, black, light grey and khaki, along with the now de rigueur Dockers slim fit, sported to so well by numerous Stateside bands and even our very own Kasabian, alongside a pair of converser or just plain plimsolls, really has pushed a new style, but without dominating its look.

Dockers have always ha an ability to be around, you could say the finishing touches to a look, without stealing the limelight.

Chuck on a shirt, and snazzy trilby hat and you are home and dry,

Line it up with a nice Baracuta or Penfield shit, gingham or just plain, but don’t hold back think colours, the Docker chino allows itself to be the canvas on which the basis of your ever changing look is built.

In many ways, it is the foundation on which the whole platform stands.

Dropping a thin tie or a total scarf onto an open shirt or a trench coat maybe a Pretty Green one makes for a perfect pre-summer look, which can then be enhanced with a cardigan say Fred Perry anniversary jumper, or how about the Gabicci vintage 1973 red stripe knitted cardigan.

The tightness of the trouser allows for lighter weight footwear such as the Lacoste Albany or Marcel or the Correnti, or what about the spanky Tourelle ET SPM, they rock it the most.

And talking about he French maestro, with this look hats are all important, I am going to touch on those in another blog, but just feel free to explore, because once the basis is set then the boundaries are limitless.

Throwing in colour is the aim, try the Lacoste Begum t-shirt, or just drape yourself in one the new Slazenger vintage lambs wool cardigans.