Friday, 26 March 2010

French flair

THE song said Top Cat I know but given a bit of poetic licence and the latest Lacoste head wear, really is a top hat.

The hat or Titfer, in question is known as the Barman, and funnily enough, the first time I spotted one was on the head of a fashion conscious chap serving behind a bar in London.

The barman style is really unusual due to its edged cut and flat cap look, which harks back to the days of the tennis genius from across the Channel in 1928.

Sporting the famous croc on the side, this hat really stands out.

Then the look would be to complete the all white attire sported by the little man, but the hats are now available in white, navy and black and really work superbly well with all sorts of styles, checked shirts, such as the Fred Perry authentic Madras shirt alongside some coloured jeans, I feel the hat suits coloured rather than just plain denim, but don’t take my word for it.

The one thing they certainly work superbly well with is the wider rimmed sunglass look, such as the aviator style shades, such as the Carrera range.

The main thing with the barman is that it can decide an outfit or look, unlike most other hats that simply finish a look off.

So loose collared shirts, with maybe a Tootal scarf, or why not one of the fantastic bright Lacoste or Farah Vintage Waterman shirts.

Make it a true combination of chilled class for this look.