Friday, 26 March 2010

French flair

THE song said Top Cat I know but given a bit of poetic licence and the latest Lacoste head wear, really is a top hat.

The hat or Titfer, in question is known as the Barman, and funnily enough, the first time I spotted one was on the head of a fashion conscious chap serving behind a bar in London.

The barman style is really unusual due to its edged cut and flat cap look, which harks back to the days of the tennis genius from across the Channel in 1928.

Sporting the famous croc on the side, this hat really stands out.

Then the look would be to complete the all white attire sported by the little man, but the hats are now available in white, navy and black and really work superbly well with all sorts of styles, checked shirts, such as the Fred Perry authentic Madras shirt alongside some coloured jeans, I feel the hat suits coloured rather than just plain denim, but don’t take my word for it.

The one thing they certainly work superbly well with is the wider rimmed sunglass look, such as the aviator style shades, such as the Carrera range.

The main thing with the barman is that it can decide an outfit or look, unlike most other hats that simply finish a look off.

So loose collared shirts, with maybe a Tootal scarf, or why not one of the fantastic bright Lacoste or Farah Vintage Waterman shirts.

Make it a true combination of chilled class for this look.

Show you got Sole

FROM head to toe, well as far as this blog is concerned, toe to toe, and no I don’t mean a scrap at the football.

What I actually mean are the fabulously stylish, slightly eccentric Grenson shoes, which stand out for all manner of reasons, but mainly they reek of class.

Crafted in numerous leather and suede combined finishes, which add that extra edge missing from many men’s shoes.

Introducing spats stylings, with a hint of the fifties zoot-suit era, these mainly brogue, half brogue style shoes are a treat on the eye.

I love the Archie tan brogue with its almost sublime lighter tan sole top.

It is no surprise to find out that there are more than 200 separate steps in crafting the brogue shoes, they do have a jigsaw style about them, which only adds to their attraction and even the colour, which is described as honey gives an extra twist to them.

The Archie range are well supported by the Fred calf tan boots, which work well with either tighter trousers, but would also suit the tailored short look, with a lighter summer shirt, maybe an Edwins Dad or Ken shirt, but I really feel that the whole range would work well the big check style shirts, for example the Wrangler True Blue short sleeved shirt.

Finishing off the Grenson range are the planner, but still adequately stylish Oscar boot range, which are offered in tan suede or brown leather.

The crepe sole gives a wallabee feel to the boot, enabling the boot to work well with jeans. For example the Luke 1977 Reggyular Raw denim or the Carhartt Texas Niland blue rinsed, the darker the better I feel.

As the boots themselves add a softness against the dark denim and the brighter stitching.

In short get some and kick start your summer in true style, and show you got sole.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Slazenger Vintage

Slazenger Vintage is home at Stuarts London. Since the release of the collection this winter, with the stylish V neck jumpers in lambs wool the brands has gained a strong foothold in the Vintage sports sector.

We first saw Slazenger last year and instantly took a shine to simplicity of the logo and knew it was going to be a well recieved winner. The polo's and mercerised cotton polo's have been on every ten orders we sent out in the last week. Customers who are into Pringle, Farah and Gabicci are opting for the Slazenger polo's as a mark of difference and ditching labels like Lyle and Scott because they got too many and have seen too many people wearing the polo's.

Slazenger is an exclusive brand with great British heritage and fantastic story since 1905 and were the original ball maker of the 1966 world cup, countless wimbledon tennis balls. Even James Bond Sean Connery wore the Maroon V neck slazenger jumper and played with the Slazenger golf ball in Gold Finger. Lets not forget Blur wearing the Vintage track top that's in store now and online later this week.

We found some great footage with the help[ of YouTube of course for viewing:....Enjoy

Saturday, 13 March 2010

In to Dock

ORIGINATOR of the chino style pant, Dockers has become a label which remains at the forefront, originator and innovator.

The chino range of trousers, tailored to the highest standard and available in five colours, dark navy, navy, black, light grey and khaki, along with the now de rigueur Dockers slim fit, sported to so well by numerous Stateside bands and even our very own Kasabian, alongside a pair of converser or just plain plimsolls, really has pushed a new style, but without dominating its look.

Dockers have always ha an ability to be around, you could say the finishing touches to a look, without stealing the limelight.

Chuck on a shirt, and snazzy trilby hat and you are home and dry,

Line it up with a nice Baracuta or Penfield shit, gingham or just plain, but don’t hold back think colours, the Docker chino allows itself to be the canvas on which the basis of your ever changing look is built.

In many ways, it is the foundation on which the whole platform stands.

Dropping a thin tie or a total scarf onto an open shirt or a trench coat maybe a Pretty Green one makes for a perfect pre-summer look, which can then be enhanced with a cardigan say Fred Perry anniversary jumper, or how about the Gabicci vintage 1973 red stripe knitted cardigan.

The tightness of the trouser allows for lighter weight footwear such as the Lacoste Albany or Marcel or the Correnti, or what about the spanky Tourelle ET SPM, they rock it the most.

And talking about he French maestro, with this look hats are all important, I am going to touch on those in another blog, but just feel free to explore, because once the basis is set then the boundaries are limitless.

Throwing in colour is the aim, try the Lacoste Begum t-shirt, or just drape yourself in one the new Slazenger vintage lambs wool cardigans.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Roaring into town

IT’S not just the boys of summer who are out sporting the Luke 1977 designs, but the girls as well.

Gaining coverage everywhere, the label, which combines some fine quality with a nice mixture of casual and smart has proved a big catch in the celebrity world and keeps popping up on TV shows and press launches as much as on the street, where it really belongs.

The L-list is seemingly endless as shows such as Skins catching in on the line, while Firm star Calum McNab has been seen sporting some of the garments, even Eastenders has had a flash of the 1977 look.

Puzzling his obviously immense brain fast talking Terry Christian sports one of the Williams navy polo tops, while Jordan’s new husband Alex Reid was seen sporting a pair of the Reggyular Raw denim jeans. Which have the lion crest emblazoned across the back pocket.

The strange thing about the brand, is its ability to be all things to all people.

The obvious smattering of celebrity donning of the label, are backed up by the looking blending with some classic other brands such as Gabicci and being linked in nicely with a casual relaxed look on such people as McNab of The Firm fame, sporting the shower kagool and a particularly sweet pink v-neck jumper, Scott Maslen (looking sweet in a Spud Bak knitted cardigan, plus other stars from Eastenders.

The label is catching attention in hip hop and R’n’B circles with SisQo, who sports the ALB jacket and Teran.

The boater shoes on black or brown and the toecap range are a nice finishing touch.

Being a finalist in the Drapers Awards for last year is no mistake, this label is going torun and run and having already attracted such a wide ranging fan base, the lion looks ready to roar.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Live it Forever

REAL fans live forever, were the words uttered by Liam Gallagher at the Brits recently and so do iconic clothes and clothing images.

The picture of brother Noel wearing the Penfield red and white Pac-Jac as the band played their biggest ever concerts at Knebworth lives long in the memory, and so it will live long in the high street with the rerelease of the 35th anniversary jacket out now.

An anniversary zip pull is featured on the jacket, which has an adjustable hood and large pouch pocket similar to the old Ellesse top.

Unlike a lot of fashion wear, the Penfield range does what it says on the tin, the waterproof jackets are meant for serious outdoor pursuits, but anyway, forget about that they look f***ing mint.

The weather proof waxed jacket in light khaki has a sublime tight cropped collar, while the Gibson wax jacket in cotton which comes in Navy is a real challenge to other outdoor coats for cut, style and practicality.

Smatter the range with a number of classic short-sleeved shirts, and the look is almost complete, but for me the jackets will look best off-set against their Big Bear T-shirts, which are statement in themselves, or the super cool Anzak navy hooded shirt in Gingham.

Or lob on a Fjall Raven Owl shirt. The Wind Cheater style jackets are plentiful at the moment, with the K-Way Claude coming in some fabulous colours and are a useful tool to have ready as spring arrives and soaks your new pure wool jumper.

Luke 1977 also offer some natty Shower Kagool, but my favourite drops in with the Penfield or the dark navy Wallace Luke 1977 jacket or the …

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Pep up your Prep

THE look is cool, med styling with a hint of James Bond to it, but whatever I say, one fact is that the Chino is back.
The summer look, which has always been akin to Italian coffee shops and promenades, almost the anti-suit smart look sees quality ranges such as Penfield, whose Millwood natural tan chino looks sublime up against the Anzak navy Gingham shirt, or plump for the Dockers original chino, drop on a brightly checked Ben Sherman or Levi shirt.
For a more industrial plump for the Carhart working clothes range, the Primary, Presenter and Texas pants offer a range of colours, from the classic tan, although this is greener not quite khaki hint to it provide and excellent canvas for the checked shirt, the Folsom, Watson and Parker shirts, short sleeved, look really tight and I mean as in smart, adding colour and complexity to the style.
Plimsoles can be worn with these or boating shoes, check out Lacoste, Sebago’s.
Removal of socks and rolling up the trouser leg is for the true summer fashion, Andrew Ridgeley style, or you could look across the pond to America for the classic preppy look.
Adding a pair of stunning Bass loafers or the soon to be arriving Loakes is a touch of class, Wayfarer glasses wouldn’t go a miss.
And when the sun finally pokes its head through the English clouds, what about tailored shorts to complete the whole shebang.
Baracuta, well it would have to be wouldn’t it, produce some great chino trousers and casual tailored short, which sit perfectly with their gingham shirts and Harringtons, this look is a real miss-mash of nods to two tone, preppie Americana and summertime chic