Friday, 5 February 2010

Shady business

AS every fashion conscious man knows planning ahead is vital, knowing the colours for the summer and jackets for winter, is what makes a wardrobe successful.

Saying that, on your head or more to the point on your face is just as important and as the summer clothing ranges begin to hit the shelves, sunglasses are making a huge return.

Not that they’ve ever been out of fashion, but some classic brands are returning and this time it’s open season on style, with 80s looks rocking up alongside some sterling 60s and 70s ranges.

For me the shade of choice is the aviator shape, that’s only because of the shape of my ‘loaf’, so for me the arrival of the Carrera range of glasses, and of course the brand’s classic Aviator shape Champion range is a source of celebration.

The fabulous Carrera coloured shades, bring back memories of F1 drivers James Hunt and Jackie Stewart, while the aviator harks to Hunter S Thompson, the late, great outlaw journalist.

Or for the more sports orientated, try the Rush SMG shades, which are a smaller, closer cut aviator style, designed for driving, rather than the fly-bird look, while the Ticky style, bares a resemblance to the Wayfarer..

Persol shades are also set to land next month and are set to prove a smash with their close cut designs, which evoke classic summer time styles.

The new 714 Italian shades evoke style and class and are favourites of a certain Daniel Craig as James Bond, and Jay-Z has been seen rocking them.

Open top motors and barbecues will see these shades dominating this summer, along with favourite holiday destinations.

It really is true, in the area of cutting edge design that you really do get what you pay for with sunglasses, hence why designs such as the Wayfarer by Ray-Ban have remained unchanged since initial conception.

From Hollywood to Henley this shade has always remained a favourite and it is set to do so again this summer. Having graced the faces of Pitt and Nicholson, to name a few, this shade is synonymous with the Hollywood set.

Accessories can make a look and a watch, especially if has kitsch value, can top off any look.

The newly re-released Timex digital ranges are a superb combination of colourful and kitsch.

Either garishly coloured, such as the digital two ranges, or the classic gold or silver, the look is not so much Timex, but timeless

Topping off with a cool Lacoste T-shirt or smooth chamomile 55 or pastel coloured Pengiun vintage shirt, sunglasses are a vital component, so do get caught in the shade is how I see it.

The future maybe bright, but the fashionable look for the summer isn’t.