Saturday, 13 February 2010

The old enemy

ENGLAND v Germany has always been an interesting contest, whether its on the sporting fields, battle fields of high street fashion stakes.

This spring the arrival of the Spezial Adidas trainer alongside the release of some truly spectacular English craftsmanship, in the shape of John Smedley provides another mouth-watering offering.

OK, the two are not doing battle, they do offer two interesting variables, style over practicality, which has been seen in many clashes between the great nations over the years.

Smedley offers wearers simple cuts, with classic lines, a thought process that does away with complications for the one true idiom of quality.

Pure wool or cotton mix jumpers and t-shirts do away with practicality and providing a statement of intent for the wearer.

The heavier cotton T-shirts such as the Pegasus or the Dorado all come with specific giveaway ‘buzz’ words, such as ‘fitted’ and ‘tailored’, how very reassuring and English.

They are not simple casual wear and are never likely to be seen running the gauntlet on a tennis court, such as le Chemise Lacoste, whereas Adi Dazzler designed his footwear for one purpose, practicality.

Their style comes in the performance, each designed to fulfil a role, and the Spezial does exactly that.

It’s role is to look superb with a nice pair of Levi jeans, or Lois cords.

That comment would have the German’s choaking back their sauerkraut, but for the English fashion conscious man, this is how we see the ranges.

Generally only the footwear will only see a five-a-side or handball court, in the case of the suede topped dark olive Spezial, years after they are first purchased.

Smedley is a building block of class for any wardrobe, understated, logo-less but classic and the latest releases are nothing less than superb.

You don’t strain yourself on a sports court in Smedley, it is just not cricket.

As the words of the song go; ‘You’ve either got or you haven’t got style’.

Smedley has it in spades.

The squared off shoulder and tapered collars on the polo ranges show a specific eye for detail, rarely seen in such products, while the ultra fine cotton used in the Marshall pull-over again exudes a certain level, which enhances any wardrobe.

England v Germany, class versus the classic, I think this one will have to go down to penalties once again. But whatever you do, enjoy the match.