Thursday, 18 February 2010

More neck than a swan

HOW much neck has Liam Gallagher got? After a sterling rock ‘n’ roll performance at the Brit awards, wearing a natty Pretty Green black parka 2, the former Oasis front man showed a snarl and style in equal measure.

So how much neck does it really take to be a ballsy rock and roller?

Well looking at the superb range of scarves the Manc madman has created for Pretty Green quite a lot.

Silk really seems to be the only way to go with a scarf that is a fashion statement rather than a winter warmer, and the black label silk twill paisley scarf is a stand out product,.

This does not bear the companies label and has a more subtle style to it, not a word that Liam himself was aware off as he leapt about after receiving the award for the best British album in the last 30 years.

It is ironic that such a steely character would immediately choose the crafted sheen of a silk scarf to don, but I feel it is a very wise move and a welcome visitor back on the high street.

The polka dot scarf in black is also fast becoming a classic accessory and in many ways has replaced the tie as a finishing piece to any outfit.

The full range of polka dot designs, coming in red, white and navy create a nice break from an outfit, but while Pretty Green may be the new kid in town, the classic Tootal brand still holds its own and by some way.

Harking back to the 1950s this has roots that have never been lost, superbly crafted, with feathered ends and of course proudly stamped with made in England.

I love the Luke-Lion logo link up silk scarf in the Wainwright range, or the multi-stripe and for a reasonable price of £30, these make a statement of style and affordability.

With 12 designs on offer from the polka, Wainwright, Paisley and Multi-stripe ranges the choices are seemingly endless.

To my mind they complete a look, have done for years and are sure to do so throughout the coming year and onwards.