Thursday, 4 February 2010


THE Madchester and Brit pop generations were smattered with both Mod and Casual influences, which can be seen on the streets again.

Kickers and classic Adidas firebird tracksuit tops and the Originals t-shirts along with boot cut and in some cases flared Levi jeans to name but a few, were seen on street corners throughout the nation and their reimergence now, in the shape of the the 3-strip and retro trefoil ranges and the glorious Kicker boot and shoe is a fine time.

The later following of Brit pop saw Damon Albarn of Blur, sporting a Fila Settanta tracksuit top, during the Parklife video as the vaguely Mod group stepped up their style, while the Manc lads of Oasis, headed by ace face himself Liam Gallagher, blazed a trail of fashion, well at least the front man did.

The classic white fur trimmed Parka shone like a beacon and can be seen reflected in the singers’ release of a crystal white parka for Pretty Green, sported recently by Weller himself, in the latest Pretty Green promo pictures priced for £4550.

Friend and sometime song-writing partner Richard Ashcroft used the bands’ Urban Hymns album cover to sport a return of the Wallabee, with glimpses of Diadora during their American tour under some natty cords.

While band such as The Enemy have been flagrant in their support of Fila clothes. The Coventry based song smiths took part in the Italian labels advertising campaign for the release of the five-stripe jackets.

With a youthful sound that tipped its hat to The Jam, the group who were never a nod too far from the world of the football Casual look either, donned both Flia gold and retro tops recently.

A similar jacket to this is the newly released Ratner from Penguin, which looks crisp in either red or mazarine blue.

So it’s all out there and the news that Pringle have extended their range of classic jumpers, with the classic Argyle range diamond cuts coming out priced just £89, just makes things a little better.