Tuesday, 2 February 2010

MOD SQUAD - Hit's the New Arrivals Area at Stuarts

Knowing your roots and then adapting to your surroundings is key to any fashion and fashion conscious fellows wardrobe.
For me the Casual look has always tipped the balance, but where did it come from? What is its heritage?
Simple classic lines and attention to detail, a link with the clothes an obsessive need to remain one step ahead, well it’s not punk is it!
Mod is the forefather to Casual, many icons of the Sixties Mod and later Seventies trench coat stylings are still omnipresent today in all men’s fashions.

Cast you mind back to Steve McQueen, classic desert boots, try checking out the obvious Clarks classics, the Originals range, featuring the Cola suede desert boot, or the Harris Tweed limited editions, which add a little bit of extra style.

Not to mention a few well tailored trousers, such as the Baracuta chinos, Ben Sherman offer some classic cuts in the shape of their Rone Raven and Eubank gun metal trouser, along with the Luke 1977 Mills shirt range. The Levi vintage cut jeans range are something to celebrate and the PWR regular Flt 752 coloured jeans, while of the numerous Levi denim jeans, the 1967 vintage wash are my favourites, which go hand in hand with that iconic wardrobe.
Films like the Thomas Crown Affair and Bullett are enough to whet any appetite for clothes, while the Baracuta (G9 slim fit) and Fred Perry Harrington’s could have you fighting between the two.
The Albion style of Mod was obviously the classic look labels such a Fred Perry Laurel t-shirt range, which spread over as the prevalent label of the early Manchester Casuals known as Perry boys. While The Who film Quadrophenia based in Shepherd’s Bush, the spiritual home of Mod, having fabulous scenes of a Perry bedecked Phil Daniels riding around the area, along with some superb parka wearing moments. Or the gang sporting Sherman gingham button-down collar shirts, or why not try the Baracuta versions?
The parka has now mad a huge resurgence thanks to Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green label, a name taken from a classic Jam song. Of course Gallagher’s style took hugely from Mr Weller’s band and the Modfather himself, but more on that another time.
So the links and many of the labels remain and can also be seen in clothes worn by Bowie, think of the Low album cover, his hair being more Casual flick than Mod. The trench coat look has endured and once again is making a return as summer arrives, check out the Baracuta G23 raincoat as a good starting point .
This is where the ability to have a keen eye for lines and cut, along with the ability to mix and match are vital for any dedicated follower of fashion.
The basic coloured clothing wardrobe to start, relying heavily on these iconic looks, before branching off for seasonal and just added colourful looks is the obviously the next step.
So it is good to see ranges of clothes providing something for all, and it’s always worth looking around to see how these style have lasted or been championed by bands, singers, actors and quite simple the stars of any town or high street worth a mention, the Boy About Town.