Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hats of the day

Don’t look back into the sun, but at least protect you loaf from it, that’s what I reckon. Be it summer sun, or just to keep the old canister warm until spring fully hits its straps.

So for the English look, what better way to start off with the classic flat cap, which has been combined nicely with silver screen players such as Danny Dyer and Guy Richie alongside their Fila five stripe tops, see the opening night screening of Nick Love’s The Firm and Dyers’s appearance on Soccer AM with fellow Business star Tamar Hussan.

Kangol must be one of the great names of modern fashion headwear, and their Tropic Plaid 504 style show they are still a-head of the pack in many ways. Like what I did there?

The tweed flat caps style will always be a London classic, from costermongers in the old East End of London to the chaps style now, the tweed ‘titfer’ (titfer = hat) has to be their peak. Sorry, no more dire jokes.

Also, don the Arthur Daley, Pete Doherty style trilby, with countless Kangol’s on offer, with the Arnold range of hats, exchanging for the straw version in either beige or brown for the summer months.

Christy’s also offer some sublime English designs, with their Balmoral tweed caps and of course, the Casual classic tweed Dear Stalker or Sherlock hats.

But with the summer around the corner, the baseball cap will always hold sway as the package holiday beckons.

There are countless ranges available, for example the Fjall Raven Serak industrial green style cap, but the French doyen of Lacoste still stands aloft.

Their Prune range of baseball caps, with the smart cross thread style caps are classics, which their new shoe ranges, really provide street and beach level style.

The Luz SRM NBOK boating shoes are a must, or plump for the Ronne SRM canvas shoes, with thin soles are excellent for the beach or travelling light, multi-purpose you might say.

Fred Perry Authentic’s shoes in canvas or the Storm trainers are both lightweight and stylish, in plain colours fit with any garms.