Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bags of Fun - Admired by many and worn by few

‘Supp your beer and collect your bags’, well I know it’s poetic licence, and not quite what The Jam sang, but that’s what any holiday-planning, fashion conscious globe trotter will be doing, or should be at least.

So what will be catching the eye on the Heathrow cat-walk or cutting a dash on the sun-soaked beaches of the Copacabana?

Well first up the look to be hiding all your holiday wardrobe treasures in has to be the MacLaren range of bags.

These stylish English range sports bags and holdalls in brown provide style, size and sophistication and are sure to complete the top to bottom summer look.

The canvas bag’s in a light almost khaki brown have feature leather straps and bottom to provide suitable protection for any beloved wardrobe in airport baggage handling areas.

The range, offers a variety of bags, from the Shoulder to the Dart, Ariel Trout to the super stylish Windsor leather bag.

But once out of the airport, surely one the new Adidas Adicolour range of small sports holdalls.

Whether it’s the classic Airline bag in a variety of colours, reknowned in the playground and at sports clubs during the heydays of the late 70s and 80s, or the smaller Sir bag, these timeless products will always be respected.

English branding again with the Fred Perry bags, provide a similar look, but with a home-grown style. The authentic shoulder bag in black and red the perfect foil for a short trip away.

For the more adventurous combining a bit if winter chic with summer sun can be found in the Fjall Raven Kanken range of back-pack bags in a range of colours.

It really is time to shake of those winter blues and run to the sun, so packing your sun-soaked satchel with goodies is a must.

Shorts, which are multi-purpose can be found in the vintage ranges currently appearing.

I was taken in, as always, by the classic Casual ranges of Fila lifer and loafer shorts, which, for my part, the standout shorts of any wardrobe. Pockets, and a superb cut, make these an all-round winner.

With the sun-tastic Carrera range of shades now in full affect, my current fav is the Safari-o C11 glasses, the beach looks a cinch this summer.