Saturday, 9 January 2010


John Smedley 'ONE' styles are produced using these whole garment machines, which knit the garment all in one piece. The garments are sculpted to mould to the body, producing a fabulous fit and smooth silhouette.

Genuinely unique, John Smedley is the only brand producing such lightweight, fine knitwear with no seams, outside of Japan.


John Smedley continues to evolve and advance in to the future. It is a brand with a heritage which spans two centuries, a reputation for fine quality knitwear, which utilises the craftsmanship and skills learnt through time, but with sights set firmly to the future.

As style, lasting quality and luxury prevail, John Smedley 'ONE' styles can be described as 'Seamless Perfection'.

Exclusive limited edition knitwear Made In England.

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