Monday, 25 January 2010


A cry many would have heard back in the day, and in some ways those out of the loop who sneered at the natty threads of the football Casual may have been right. For many parts of the look did come from their dad’s wardrobe in a way.
Before you sneer just think about some of the fashions’ iconic influences, I have made a little list, and first out of the hat, not in any order of influence, comes Ronnie Barker and Seve Ballesteros.
The golfing god and TV comic and golfing enthusiast donned some classic pieces during their time, which would have had even the least discerning Casual drooling.
Remember Corbett’s diamond cut Pringle and Lyle and Scott jumpers, Lacoste T-shirts and vast array of Pringle knitwear along with his Farah trousers.
All fresh from the golf course and within days of him sitting in his leather chair regaling the nation’s midweek TV viewers with one of his lengthy humorous tales, the look would be fresh on the terraces.
Checking out some stores, Pringle knitwear is back with a bang, KtW v-neck cotton jumpers are now available, and still hold their stunning style and cut, along with some amazing Jsy T-shirts, there are also double Diamond cardigans and V-necks, with some in lambswool a bargain at under £70. The Argyle zip cardigan is the closets on the market at the moment to the classic diamond cut jumpers, but I hear from my friends in W12, that the wait won’t be long for these as well.
You only have to close your eyes for a second to see Seve punching the air after chipping out of a bunker, sporting a fabulous v-neck navy Slazenger jumper in his Farah trousers.
The look is soon to see a return, with Stuarts already giving up web space for the impending arrival of this classic range on its website,
Seve was ahead of the game in golf, and his style saw Casuals get ahead on the terraces.
One rarely seen label, until now, which has the ability to fill any gaps in either label dislike or wait, is penguin. The Munsingwear label has always provided excellent, if difficult to find golf clothing and some of the styles now released hark back to the classic days of old, sported by famous US silverscreen stars.

Their Earl range of t-shirts, with the stunning collar pipping, along with the Ratner lightweight jackets are a pleasure on the eye and the back, while their original v-neck jumper range are cutting a dash at clubs around the country.
But it is always adding to these looks, that the Casual stands out and moves away from the tired look, so dressing up Farahs with Kickers was always keeping things fresh, or a bit later Clarks Wallabee boot or shoe range or original desert boot.
The deck or boat shoe is making a well earned come back, check out the latest Timberland offerings.