Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Colonel: DVD The Fim Out This Feb

Due this Feb 2010 - Available at Play.com £9.99

The North South divide has always been prevalent in the world of Casual fashion, with what could be deemed as the spiritual home of the fashion Liverpool always preferring slightly different looks of those the capitals clubs.

This has been highlighted once again in last year’s big screen hits Awaydays and Nick loves The Firm.

The view that London clubs, introduced a more sporting feel to the fashion, with brighter colours and track suits pressed home the golf look, with Farah trousers more, against a more two-tone look, with less showing labels for the fans in the area was highlighted in the two films, with the (Adidas) Peter Storm cagoul sported in Awaydays.

I put Adidas in brackets, because the tops were made by Adidas for the film, after the decision by Storm to distance themselves form the film and its football violence aspect, so refusing to make the tops for the film.

Hence the German sports house stepped in to produce tops for the film, with 80s Casuals creating a nice navy or green one to sport out on the street.

The less ‘garish’ look was ignored by many London fans, especially those at QPR, preferring the fabulous Dec Orion Honey Suckle-White tracksuit top and Fila Vintage 19th cream polo neck, as sported in the Nick Love production.

The fabulous line where Bex asks if he looks like a post box as he dons a bright red velour Fila vintage Terrinda Mark 3 jacket, which is later seen in French blue as well, conjured up memories of Saturday mornings in Stuarts and Man O’War, amidst the hussle-and-bussle of fellow Casuals desperate to grab the latest look.

It is difficult to argue which of these looks was the best, I myself being a QPR fan went for the London look, but the original Scallie style provided a superb backdrop to add the look on to, so although the London style may be the more iconic, you could not really have had one without the other.

For those North of the Watford Gap aficionados who feel that the team shirt was still an icon, then the Crown Paints Adidas Original jersey, should complete a brief trip down Memory Lane. The one combined garment sported throughout the original era, was the Lois cords and jeans, as worn by Baby in Awaydays, and countless characters in the The Firm and of course Mister Dyer in The Business.

And of course if you really fancy the total look and who doesn’t? How about the excellent Fila Lounger Robe.

Cannot wait for The Firm to come out on DVD next month, and with the array of film related clothes, especially the limited edition film vintage print white or Peacoat Fila t-shirt, I went white, with the natty Fila BJ label nod on the arm, was one I snapped up straight away. You might call it a Firm favourite.