Saturday, 16 January 2010

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SO the winter has set in and dreams of tracksuit tops and Fila shorts has drifted away, until the next time you watch Wham or The Business.

What is alive and kicking for the Casual football fan? Well the first thing that has sprung to mind, is the lack of quality winter jackets. When I say lack, I mean how many of the classic or original labels have stopped being available and what is new in their place?

Aquascutum have distanced themselves, sadly, but then again when you look at the product now, gladly, for the astute football fan, from the casual look.

The football manager type jacket sported by Fila and Sergio, you remember them? (with the red bands across the shoulders, knee length overcoats), have all gone. So where to look now?


Within price range it has to be theBarbour International and Fjall Raven. But alongside coats, and classic Aqua and Penguin scarfs, what else is turning heads on the terraces, (sorry old habits die hard)? Well the turtle neck is back a la The Firm remake, (more of that another time), so Fila are sporting some crisp numbers, but what of Kappa?

For me winter wear is golfing wear, so Pringle really need to step again, a diamond cut bonanza is needed. Lyle and Scott have had a few fine jumpers, but seem to prefer the preppie look, longer necks, not the classic tight V of the old days, ie: Ronnie Corbett et al.

But as usual the look has to be as extrovert as possible, although many may say Casual was symptomatic of the mainstream, is was and is completely the reverse, and those in the know, know! An ex-girlfriend of mine recently said; ‘how can it be called Casual? It is the least casual fashion ever, more obsessive’. And that must remain the order of the day, surely?

I feel the deerstalker hasn’t had enough of an outing, along with the fabulous fur lined Raven hats, which I am currently sporting.

So while the wheels of fashion take time to realise that Casual is a year long round look (surely the only fashion to ever do this), the boys are making do.

It is Barbour, Raven and whatever classic jumper design they can muster, I am going Smedley as often as possible, but we will always be warm in Lois, so thank Winter for that.

The Colonel