Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bread and Butter Report: Ellesse Coming soon July 2010

Before the fashion shows in Berlin and Paris I was getting worried about how I was going to report back on events of the fair. As I walked on the icy and snowy roads of Berlin I finally reached my destination outside Templehof Airport which for the record is an old disused "Military" airport, now only used for events such as this.

"Bread and Butter" the name given to the Godzilla of fashion fairs in Europe which host's only the very best of brands all under one roof, for inspection by the likes of many buyers looking for the right brand to fit into their portfolio and to inspire customers with something new and fresh.

Above: Models showing off the Ellese vintage track top and velor dress.

The -7 temperature outside had me inside the venue quicker than superman getting changed in a phone box only to walk into the entrance hall which was jam packed with fellow buyers. Thankfully I was able to skip the over-populated hall with my Pre-registered pass around my neck. (quality)

Entrance Hall :Pictured below

Once inside the view from the balcony is amazing one could easily get lost in a what seems like a 5 mile long Fashion show which doesn't finish in any direction. Lucky for me I wore my Grenson brogues, they did me a treat on this "Marathon walk". Whilst wondering around to the different areas, such as the Lock - where brands like Levis vintage, Barbour, Redwing, Evisu, and about 100 more exhibit amongst the best of the best brands. Then there is the Denim hall pictured above just a tiny portion of the whole show. ( That's why I call this the Godzilla of a show).

Above: The Ellesse Show stand

Whilst hunting through the different area's of the show which I believe are 8 in total. I came across the thing I wanted the most for my customers. Rubbing my eye's in disbelief Ellesse was exhibiting a Heritage collection. Wasting no time I was on the stand introducing myself and before I could finish speaking they had sitting down and writing an order for July 2010 delivery.

The distribution is going be tight on this brand "worldwide" and only select retailers will be able to sell this brand. The collection is aimed at top end bracket of sport and is only made in Italy. Ellesse Heritage isn't a commercial brand trying to mass produce to everyone, they want to only do a limited run in each style and to keep things exclusive. Ski jackets with proper "down feathers" will retail at £300-450 and track tops around £120 -140, with polo tops about £90 - £130. All prices are approx and will be confirmed later. The rest of the show was fantastic and we have lined up some great brands for you all at Stuarts London for A/W 2010 combining the show in Paris, we have Garbstore, Ellesse, Levis Vintage, Clae, Oliver Spencer signed up.

More brands will too follow upon confirmations shortly.

Reported by: Ravi Grewal