Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dutch football king Cruyff advertised Lois cords

Second out of the bag of Casual icons comes footballing god Johan Cruyff and tennis legends, Matts Wilander, Guillermo Vilas and Vitas Gerulaitis, before the obvious two kings of Casual Borg and McEnroe.
The latter two are almost as important to the fashion as the clothes themselves.
You could argue that that whole era of tennis had icons and in fact the game itself with Perry and Lacoste is dripping in Casual iconography, but I see these more as influences rather than icons of the time.
Dutch football king Cruyff advertised Lois cords and jeans, seen displaying all his skills in mustard Lois Recto fit (The Business; Danny Dyer) cords or the jean fit, along with some natty Lois t-shirts in a series of adverts and billboards.
If the coolest man in world football can identify with Lois, well the label was sure to become one of the most sought after and so it was seen with the limited re-release of these sublime cords has shown. Unlike Cruyff goals, these really are limited in number, so get cracking I say, if you don’t want to miss out.
Gerulaitis, Willander and McEnroe were all sponsored by Sergio, with Willander replacing Mac in the style limelight, sporting the Superace and Quad ranges, while McEnroe who not only battled Borg on the court, but on the fashion catwalks, had the Sergio range almost purpose built around him, as did Borg with Fila and Diadora.
Vilas, the Argentine star wore Puma, and sported Tacchini, but as lesser known star is best remembered for his G.Vilas trainer range, which battled the Forest Hill for popularity.
The two heavyweights Mac and Borg began catching the eye in the late 70s and early 80s and the list of clothes they donned is almost two many to mention.
For McEnroe the Dallas, with their iconic two stripes around the body and Orion, with the thinner strip and two colour top and bottom trackies, Youngline t-shirts hold their anywhere. What of Nike Wimbledon trainers though?
For Borg, the classic 1976 Original Borg Elite Diadora trainer and the Terrinda, All-England and Matchday tracksuits, along with the Match polo shirts ranges are on a par. The green Settanta tracksuit top still has grown men drowling. The Matchday pants and Loafer shorts are sublime in navy and also white, and now, for the first time I have spotted some vintage retro socks in navy or white with alternate trim at Stuarts, thus completing the look for the summer.
Netting a winner hasn’t been so easy for years.

Monday, 25 January 2010


A cry many would have heard back in the day, and in some ways those out of the loop who sneered at the natty threads of the football Casual may have been right. For many parts of the look did come from their dad’s wardrobe in a way.
Before you sneer just think about some of the fashions’ iconic influences, I have made a little list, and first out of the hat, not in any order of influence, comes Ronnie Barker and Seve Ballesteros.
The golfing god and TV comic and golfing enthusiast donned some classic pieces during their time, which would have had even the least discerning Casual drooling.
Remember Corbett’s diamond cut Pringle and Lyle and Scott jumpers, Lacoste T-shirts and vast array of Pringle knitwear along with his Farah trousers.
All fresh from the golf course and within days of him sitting in his leather chair regaling the nation’s midweek TV viewers with one of his lengthy humorous tales, the look would be fresh on the terraces.
Checking out some stores, Pringle knitwear is back with a bang, KtW v-neck cotton jumpers are now available, and still hold their stunning style and cut, along with some amazing Jsy T-shirts, there are also double Diamond cardigans and V-necks, with some in lambswool a bargain at under £70. The Argyle zip cardigan is the closets on the market at the moment to the classic diamond cut jumpers, but I hear from my friends in W12, that the wait won’t be long for these as well.
You only have to close your eyes for a second to see Seve punching the air after chipping out of a bunker, sporting a fabulous v-neck navy Slazenger jumper in his Farah trousers.
The look is soon to see a return, with Stuarts already giving up web space for the impending arrival of this classic range on its website,
Seve was ahead of the game in golf, and his style saw Casuals get ahead on the terraces.
One rarely seen label, until now, which has the ability to fill any gaps in either label dislike or wait, is penguin. The Munsingwear label has always provided excellent, if difficult to find golf clothing and some of the styles now released hark back to the classic days of old, sported by famous US silverscreen stars.

Their Earl range of t-shirts, with the stunning collar pipping, along with the Ratner lightweight jackets are a pleasure on the eye and the back, while their original v-neck jumper range are cutting a dash at clubs around the country.
But it is always adding to these looks, that the Casual stands out and moves away from the tired look, so dressing up Farahs with Kickers was always keeping things fresh, or a bit later Clarks Wallabee boot or shoe range or original desert boot.
The deck or boat shoe is making a well earned come back, check out the latest Timberland offerings.

Movies, Movies, Movies - The Firm

Having chatted about the clothing differences which were highlighted in the early days of Casual fashion and then brought to the screen by Awaydays and The Firm, I could not leave this discussion without touching on the differences in footwear, if only within the two movies.

Awaydays concentrated on three major trainer types, the Bamba, the original Forest Hills, (which went on to become a Casual legend, if only in as much as the Wade Smith 200 pairs story) and of course Stan Smiths.

While in The Firm the trainers of choice are Adidas Munchen, Diadora Borg Elite gold and blue and Gazelles.

The desire for this, and importance of this footwear is highlighted in two beautiful moments in the films, when Dom is picked out by Bex for disguising his ‘new’ Munchen shoes, so to fit in with the other ‘proper’ Casuals and when Carty finally lifts a pair of Hills out of their box and holds them up in front of his face turning them around and around with a massive smile in his chiselled face.

And of course the anguish on both the main protagonists faces when they are told by Bex and Elvis in the films respectively that they don’t have the right footwear, ‘Wrong Trainees like’, states Elvis in his Ellesmere Port drawl, much to the dismay of Carty.

Footwear can never be underestimated and the reruns of Diadora Heritage series, now also in, along with classic footwear such as Smiths, now available in white with green and also white and navy.

Another highly sought after trainer is the Beckenbauer, with its iconic navy and red stripes, although this is around in other colours, that simplistic white trainer with the navy and red three stripes holds a special place.

Out now are the Gazelle II, along with the black leather Samba, along with the Samba True blue, which always reminds of the Dublin in colour, these are and were always a well sported trainer.

I always loved the New Balance range, more of a specialist look, which has been roundly taken up by shops such as Stuarts, thankfully, these excellent trainers provided something a little different form the rest, not to mention English manufacture in a lot of cases. A rarity for trainers in the hey-day of casual, and now sadly. Things like the classic 570 range bring joy to my heart.

This hunt for such iconic footwear has and continues to see the market flooded with seekers, but only a few have been the finders.

A cultural scramble for the boots that matter, will only be heightened with the turning of the season and the news that a limited supply of this or that trainer are on there way.

Let the fever begin again in 2010.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bread and Butter Report: Ellesse Coming soon July 2010

Before the fashion shows in Berlin and Paris I was getting worried about how I was going to report back on events of the fair. As I walked on the icy and snowy roads of Berlin I finally reached my destination outside Templehof Airport which for the record is an old disused "Military" airport, now only used for events such as this.

"Bread and Butter" the name given to the Godzilla of fashion fairs in Europe which host's only the very best of brands all under one roof, for inspection by the likes of many buyers looking for the right brand to fit into their portfolio and to inspire customers with something new and fresh.

Above: Models showing off the Ellese vintage track top and velor dress.

The -7 temperature outside had me inside the venue quicker than superman getting changed in a phone box only to walk into the entrance hall which was jam packed with fellow buyers. Thankfully I was able to skip the over-populated hall with my Pre-registered pass around my neck. (quality)

Entrance Hall :Pictured below

Once inside the view from the balcony is amazing one could easily get lost in a what seems like a 5 mile long Fashion show which doesn't finish in any direction. Lucky for me I wore my Grenson brogues, they did me a treat on this "Marathon walk". Whilst wondering around to the different areas, such as the Lock - where brands like Levis vintage, Barbour, Redwing, Evisu, and about 100 more exhibit amongst the best of the best brands. Then there is the Denim hall pictured above just a tiny portion of the whole show. ( That's why I call this the Godzilla of a show).

Above: The Ellesse Show stand

Whilst hunting through the different area's of the show which I believe are 8 in total. I came across the thing I wanted the most for my customers. Rubbing my eye's in disbelief Ellesse was exhibiting a Heritage collection. Wasting no time I was on the stand introducing myself and before I could finish speaking they had sitting down and writing an order for July 2010 delivery.

The distribution is going be tight on this brand "worldwide" and only select retailers will be able to sell this brand. The collection is aimed at top end bracket of sport and is only made in Italy. Ellesse Heritage isn't a commercial brand trying to mass produce to everyone, they want to only do a limited run in each style and to keep things exclusive. Ski jackets with proper "down feathers" will retail at £300-450 and track tops around £120 -140, with polo tops about £90 - £130. All prices are approx and will be confirmed later. The rest of the show was fantastic and we have lined up some great brands for you all at Stuarts London for A/W 2010 combining the show in Paris, we have Garbstore, Ellesse, Levis Vintage, Clae, Oliver Spencer signed up.

More brands will too follow upon confirmations shortly.

Reported by: Ravi Grewal

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Colonel: DVD The Fim Out This Feb

Due this Feb 2010 - Available at £9.99

The North South divide has always been prevalent in the world of Casual fashion, with what could be deemed as the spiritual home of the fashion Liverpool always preferring slightly different looks of those the capitals clubs.

This has been highlighted once again in last year’s big screen hits Awaydays and Nick loves The Firm.

The view that London clubs, introduced a more sporting feel to the fashion, with brighter colours and track suits pressed home the golf look, with Farah trousers more, against a more two-tone look, with less showing labels for the fans in the area was highlighted in the two films, with the (Adidas) Peter Storm cagoul sported in Awaydays.

I put Adidas in brackets, because the tops were made by Adidas for the film, after the decision by Storm to distance themselves form the film and its football violence aspect, so refusing to make the tops for the film.

Hence the German sports house stepped in to produce tops for the film, with 80s Casuals creating a nice navy or green one to sport out on the street.

The less ‘garish’ look was ignored by many London fans, especially those at QPR, preferring the fabulous Dec Orion Honey Suckle-White tracksuit top and Fila Vintage 19th cream polo neck, as sported in the Nick Love production.

The fabulous line where Bex asks if he looks like a post box as he dons a bright red velour Fila vintage Terrinda Mark 3 jacket, which is later seen in French blue as well, conjured up memories of Saturday mornings in Stuarts and Man O’War, amidst the hussle-and-bussle of fellow Casuals desperate to grab the latest look.

It is difficult to argue which of these looks was the best, I myself being a QPR fan went for the London look, but the original Scallie style provided a superb backdrop to add the look on to, so although the London style may be the more iconic, you could not really have had one without the other.

For those North of the Watford Gap aficionados who feel that the team shirt was still an icon, then the Crown Paints Adidas Original jersey, should complete a brief trip down Memory Lane. The one combined garment sported throughout the original era, was the Lois cords and jeans, as worn by Baby in Awaydays, and countless characters in the The Firm and of course Mister Dyer in The Business.

And of course if you really fancy the total look and who doesn’t? How about the excellent Fila Lounger Robe.

Cannot wait for The Firm to come out on DVD next month, and with the array of film related clothes, especially the limited edition film vintage print white or Peacoat Fila t-shirt, I went white, with the natty Fila BJ label nod on the arm, was one I snapped up straight away. You might call it a Firm favourite.


Monday, 18 January 2010

Fila Terrinda - New Spring Colors at Stuarts London

Pre - Order the Fila Terrinda Jacket today.

New colours have been added to the pallet - original archive inspired colours. The French blue which was worn in the re-make of the Firm shortly due to be released on Blu-Ray DVD this Feb 2010. The new French blue and off white / red will be instock from Feb 2010. Stuarts London has also secured a very rare Yellow colour to be sold at a very select few retailers through out the UK.

More info on this shortly.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Colonel : A Blogger in town

NEW ARRIVAL: - Barbour Carbon Coated Trial International
Quilted overlay detail on shoulders and back.
Click here for more info:


SO the winter has set in and dreams of tracksuit tops and Fila shorts has drifted away, until the next time you watch Wham or The Business.

What is alive and kicking for the Casual football fan? Well the first thing that has sprung to mind, is the lack of quality winter jackets. When I say lack, I mean how many of the classic or original labels have stopped being available and what is new in their place?

Aquascutum have distanced themselves, sadly, but then again when you look at the product now, gladly, for the astute football fan, from the casual look.

The football manager type jacket sported by Fila and Sergio, you remember them? (with the red bands across the shoulders, knee length overcoats), have all gone. So where to look now?


Within price range it has to be theBarbour International and Fjall Raven. But alongside coats, and classic Aqua and Penguin scarfs, what else is turning heads on the terraces, (sorry old habits die hard)? Well the turtle neck is back a la The Firm remake, (more of that another time), so Fila are sporting some crisp numbers, but what of Kappa?

For me winter wear is golfing wear, so Pringle really need to step again, a diamond cut bonanza is needed. Lyle and Scott have had a few fine jumpers, but seem to prefer the preppie look, longer necks, not the classic tight V of the old days, ie: Ronnie Corbett et al.

But as usual the look has to be as extrovert as possible, although many may say Casual was symptomatic of the mainstream, is was and is completely the reverse, and those in the know, know! An ex-girlfriend of mine recently said; ‘how can it be called Casual? It is the least casual fashion ever, more obsessive’. And that must remain the order of the day, surely?

I feel the deerstalker hasn’t had enough of an outing, along with the fabulous fur lined Raven hats, which I am currently sporting.

So while the wheels of fashion take time to realise that Casual is a year long round look (surely the only fashion to ever do this), the boys are making do.

It is Barbour, Raven and whatever classic jumper design they can muster, I am going Smedley as often as possible, but we will always be warm in Lois, so thank Winter for that.

The Colonel

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Paul Weller in the New Pretty Green Parka

Pretty green launched the metal/canvas Parka this season for Spring 2010 its been a mega hit already and we secured more stock. The light weight fabric is real treat to wear, and the unique military style fabric specially woven for this jacket.
Above Paul Weller wearing the parka as one of his favourite designs from the new Pretty Green

Saturday, 9 January 2010


John Smedley 'ONE' styles are produced using these whole garment machines, which knit the garment all in one piece. The garments are sculpted to mould to the body, producing a fabulous fit and smooth silhouette.

Genuinely unique, John Smedley is the only brand producing such lightweight, fine knitwear with no seams, outside of Japan.


John Smedley continues to evolve and advance in to the future. It is a brand with a heritage which spans two centuries, a reputation for fine quality knitwear, which utilises the craftsmanship and skills learnt through time, but with sights set firmly to the future.

As style, lasting quality and luxury prevail, John Smedley 'ONE' styles can be described as 'Seamless Perfection'.

Exclusive limited edition knitwear Made In England.

To view collection click the link below:

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

In Store: Adidas Originals New Arrivals - Update

Gazelle by Adidas Originals- New archive release - Powder blue with Navy contrast in Suede upper.
White contrast stripe release Beckenbauer All Round - Original retro release
Beckenbauer All Round new contrast black and silver edition - in stock
SL 72 - the original track training shoe by Adidas now in stock at Stuarts London

Adidas ZX 500 New arrival - great new colour launched for Jan 2010.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year - 2010 Whats New at Stuarts London this year

Above Lorenzzo Osti and Donrad Duncan

Happy New year to everyone who has supported the 80s Casual blog, we are sorry for the delay in blogging over the Xmas period, but we are back in form for 2010. This year Stuarts London has got a great line up of new brands to add to the portfolio. Brands such as Ma.Strum the new technical brand from the creators of Stone Island. Only the best fabrics and styling as one can expect. Massimo Osti the creator of Stone Island and CP Company is the inspiration of this mega brand. The Son of Massimo Osti is a chip off the old block, following in his fathers footsteps MA.Strum is the new Stone Island. Prices are not too far apart from one another but the styling is more up to date, more innovative, those that appreciate the quality will not bat an eye lid when parting with a tidy sum of cash, why? because they know what they are buying and they also know these Jackets are no ordinary coats but each design takes months of research and development before its placed into the collection. Lorenzzo Osti has helped Donrad Duncan along with his sister the former designer of Victorinox to create an inspirational collection. Ma.Strum will be available soon at Stuarts London at current the collection is exclusively available at Harrords and other good select retailers.

More Brands like Victorinox will also be hitting Stuarts this year, Pendleton and Gitman Bros are two great vintage brands from the States will also be added to our portfolio. More Brands that you will see this year : Oliver Spencer, J Lindeberg, Lyle and Scott, Sunspel, and more. We will blog about the in coming brands as date are near to delivery.